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We Cheat Our Users, Lie to Our Investors: Anonymous Swiggy Employees on Tumblr

Just after a phenomenal evening at the ET awards show, Swiggy is under scrutiny. The award winning startup has been accused of cheating, lying customers as well as investors by couple of current and ex employees.

Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery company based out of Bangalore, India. It was inspired by the thought of providing a complete food ordering and delivery solution from the best neighbourhood restaurants to the urban foodie. A single window for ordering from a wide range of restaurants, It has exclusive fleet of delivery personnel to pickup orders from restaurants and deliver it to customers.

But, out of the blue, employees of Swiggy went berserk and shared all the deep, dark secrets of the startup in a blog post which puts the customer in the dilemma, what is the reality? Here is a small excerpt from the blog.

Dishonesty — we cheat restaurant owners

“We are made to lie about our market share, as well as order volumes to restaurant owners. The worst part is that instead of helping these restaurants grow their business, we are trained to arm-twist them to increase our commissions every couple of months.

Some restaurants are paying us more than their net margins because Swiggy in some areas in Hyderabad and Bangalore has been able to become a significant portion of their revenues.”

Anonymous Swiggy Employees on Tumblr

“At first it was 5%, then 10% and now nearly 25%. The management wants us to take this to an average of 30% in the future. While we all know that we are building a business, none of us thought it would be at the expense of the livelihood and dreams of others by arm twisting them to pay us for their mistake. What mistake? By trusting Swiggy in the first place.”

We cheat our users

Did you know that most of the good reviews for Swiggy on the app stores are planted and paid for? Also, on social media, genuine reviews (which are usually bad) get immediately removed and buried since they are mostly negative. Instead of working on customer support, we hide customer reviews on social media. Instead of offering customers redressal, we hide behind TnCs and clauses to protect ourselves.

We lie to our investors

We know for a fact that our management has lied to investors about our order volumes during the latest fundraise. Our January 2017 order volumes were less than December 2016 volumes. Yes, we had a decline of order volumes in January. But we have seen the investor presentations, and they have shaved off the December numbers in the slides in order to show a linear growth curve across all months of our existence.

Anonymous Swiggy Employees on Tumblr

We lie to our employees

A lot of us were made false promises about equity and bonuses that were never paid. They just need bots who are available 24/7 and if you are not, you will be put on a PIP in some pretext or the other and be out of the door before you know it.

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At any given point in time, 10–15% people are always on PIPs and showed the door. There’s so much churn, and so much dissatisfaction. The job market is bad, and the management is making the most of it. All the hiring in the last year is done just to cover up the numbers for the press.

Our senior management’s ego is out of control

The senior management is always plotting against each other. We are always on the run, but none of our questions are ever answered. We have lost a lot of good people because of this. Everyone is leaving the company.

All the good engineers, head of engineering, VP product, head of recruitment, many good managers and team leads have already left. I have also heard that our VP, Gunjan has been recently fired quite unceremoniously. I probably know why he is getting fired — maybe because he disagrees with the management on a lot of things.

We treat our delivery fleet personnel like cattle

I think even cattle doesn’t deserve this treatment. We keep changing our delivery boy incentive structures every now and then.

A lot of these delivery boys moved to the city with the promise of a job, and now their monthly payouts are dwindling. There are no background checks. They have no health insurance. They have a dangerous job, and nobody takes accountability for them.

There are unions brewing inside Swiggy’s delivery fleet and there’s a lot of trouble coming — all for genuine reasons. If someone meets an accident, Swiggy doesn’t take any liability for it. Why? Because they are freelancers.

We lie to the media

All the posts you see about food trends found on Swiggy are fake. There was no study conducted on how many people order chocolate based desserts on Swiggy. Don’t believe us, ask them for data to support these claims. Well that’s the least of our lies to the press.

Anonymous Swiggy Employees on Tumblr

Just a few days ago our access to the order volume tracking dashboards was revoked for everyone, and the next thing is that we read an article that says we have crossed 4 million orders a month on the front page of ET. When we had the access to the dashboards a few days ago, the order volumes were less than 3 million orders a month then how can that change suddenly? That kind of order volume growth is just not possible.

Swiggy had recently raised $80 million in Series E funding from Naspers. The round also saw the participation from existing investors including Accel India, SAIF Partners India, Bessemer Venture Partners, Harmony Partners and Norwest Venture Partners.

Swiggy has over 12,000 restaurants on its delivery platform and delivers meals within 37 minutes of an order as the startup claims.



  • Himanshu Mehta

    Good to see a CEO Mr Majety defending the details mention by one of his team mates but before just replying and not owing any wrong doing he should definitely look at the ground reality .
    1 . Your service is definitely not good anymore it use to be the best but not now .
    2 . The delivery guys who use to come to the restaurants before were really well groomed and trained but not now they are chewing tobacco etc they behave like Rowdy’s and if we restaurant partner complain to both the delivery guy and the swiggy support nothing happens and the delivery guy just laughs coz they don’t have people and can never fire him .
    3 . The so called Relation Ship managers for Restaurants never visit them , never troubleshoot their problem even at some late night if something happen when your customer care team asked us to contact the Relation ship manager they are not available at all , and then when we shout at them for no response they see just mail us and don’t call us after 6 pm . Swiggy should learn from their competitor Zomato in solving Restaurant Problems . The Guy even told me go and complain i am not bothered .
    4. The great Sales team for Ads never came for a meeting even fixed meeting more then 5 times but they never turn up .
    5 . Partner Support was really good initially but now it sucks the time taken is so high for solving any small issue .
    6 . Orders : Yes the orders have drastically reduced and sometimes not even 1 or 2 that’s not with us we discuss with so many owners and everybody is on the same track .
    7 . Every time they will send some Restaurant feedback and Offer or any Promotion campaign requirement link to update if any ones interested , i think i have filled every google form but till date neither the offer automatically started nor got any call from the team to start the offers .
    Their is no escalation policy mailing partner support so many times to connect with some sales guys in mumbai but no response .
    I dont know about other city but Mumbai will soon see some good company taking over the customers from Swiggy .

    Guys dont think that you guys become too big and have the funding to open restaurants and convert the traffic at your end , it really needs a lot of work to run a kitchen so its not your cup of tea . Just be an Aggregator !!

    Calling all Restaurant Owners lets avoid Swiggy and go for some other competitor who has no business in transferring the business to their own brand .
    Investors should definitely do a ground survey !!

    Restaurant Chain Owner

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