Pillars of Support of The Pune Startup Ecosystem


Pune is home to a lot of educational institutions specifically a lot of engineering colleges. Not surprising then that Pune has a lot of tech talent readily available and this has given rise to some very interesting startups that have the capacity to become global companies.   Druva, Arcatron Mobility, Altizon Software, Helpshift, Firstcry are some of the examples of such startups.

We believe that Pune definitely has all the technology talent to create global tech companies and to boost the same spirit in the Pune’s startup ecosystem, we are holding an event on 7th Jan 2017 called HouDe Startup. You can register for the event here >>https://in.explara.com/e/hou-de-startup


In this article we look at the various support organizations that are creating a vibrant startup ecosystem in Pune.


Sparkpluggers Innovation Lab is a social enterprise which aspires to become the first choice platform for startup success.

Sparkpluggers is dedicated to developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem by encouraging and nurturing startup aspirants. The company engages with aspiring entrepreneurs, mentors and investors through Panel Discussions, Workshops on Entrepreneurship and setting up Pitstop in mainly category B cities to create a culture of self-employment. Sparkpluggers is led by Vikram Mehmi.

The Mesh

The Mesh is a revolutionary infrastructure for co-working. There are multiple options like Nomad seat- where you can pick a spot to sit wherever you want! Or Moonlighters, a unique option where there’s a night access and yes you’ll get unlimited Tea and Coffee! So Apart from super fast Wi-Fi, there’s a big conference room- an event space for mind nourishing and enriching programs and workshops constantly in session. Printer, scanner, the works. A band of like-minded co-workers, from various fields, for conversations, collaborations and delicious food and snacks as well. There’s a sweet Dog to pet as well! (You’ll love the dog for sure!). The Mesh is led by Deepti Kasbekar.


Pune-Based EDUGILD offers an intensive mentorship and product realization program to any EdTech startup in the world.

EDUGILD’s vision is to empower learning. It will be the catalyst for creating exciting learning opportunities and habits for the future generations. This will be achieved by providing a conducive environment to technology-based start-ups resulting in producing innovative and creative educational products and services.


CIIE cultivates a rare breed of entrepreneurs in partnership with mentors, corporates, development agencies, IIMA community and investors by incubating, accelerating, mentoring and funding innovative startups. It believes that entrepreneurship has an unmatched ability to bring about disruptive change in India and engages with ventures across technology and impact areas like energy, environment, agriculture, healthcare and affordable technology.

CIIE aims to operate in sectors and geographies where there are market failures and private support is not easy to find.


NASSCOM has a presence in Pune since 2005. The focus for NASSCOM at Pune is to engage effectively with the members, build local activities, and broad base national initiatives at a regional level.

NASSCOM organizes, workshops, seminars and speakers club events where broader level issues are discussed. The focus of such sessions is usually on technology, business, regulatory mechanisms, immigrations and visa rules and talent development.

Foreign companies are invited to visit for business partnerships. NASSCOM organizes meetings between its member companies and these foreign delegations.

Pune Angels

Pune Angels is a group of angel investors who invest in very early stage startups in Pune and elsewhere. Pune Angels is a monthly pitching and mentoring activity with serious investors and entrepreneurs.
111 startups

111 startups encourage entrepreneurship, promote calculated risk-taking and support the creation of startup ventures through lean-methodologies and best practices. The community is open to aspiring Tech Entrepreneurs, early stage startups, IT employees and students.

It aims at educating and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders, support tech entrepreneurs and guide their growth via our network of mentors and advisors, foster and support the growing community of entrepreneurs and innovators in Pune, India.

Pune Opencoffee Club

Pune Opencoffee Club is a Startup-centered community of entrepreneurs working as a self-service platform. In all the activities online & offline they value – Initiators, Leaders, Sponsors and Volunteers above all. Pune Open Coffee Club is handled by Keerthi Kadam.


TiE is a non-profit, global community welcoming entrepreneurs from all over the world. It believes in the power of ideas to change the face of entrepreneurship and growing business through five pillars; mentoring, networking, education, incubating and funding.

TiE has world class successful entrepreneurs and it is reaching out and fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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