Shiv and Steve’s Exclusive On Snapdeal Funding And Covfefe

snapdeal funding

Shiv: Hah! Finally my exams are over now we can focus on some important stuff! 👻 I missed out on lot Stevie! These exams won’t let me be an entrepreneur! I heard a 16-year old ‘kid’ started his own Facebook and named it as Kashbook! Damn and here we are! 😪

Steve: Haha, hope that guy had also embedded stories feature in it.. 😜 I don’t think you missed out on much man, remember the last time you left Snapdeal and Flipkart were in merger talks? Guess what, they’re still in the same spot.. 😂😂 Tell me, did you hear about their recent funding?

Shiv: Haha! Ohh yeah, it raised Rs. 113 crore, surprisingly that was Snapdeal’s average 10 days’ loss in FY16 😅 They need to copy some nice business module- Meanwhile, Skype has stories 😝

Steve: Seriously in the name of going social, their update is like they’re joining the pride in June 🙈 Guessing the developers were in #covfefe all this while.. 😂😂

Shiv: “The One who cracks the mystery of covfefe, shall sit on the Iron Throne!” 😜
Btw, Microsoft co-founder has built World’s largest airplane! 😱 and NASA is going to Sun! Humans are developing things in a Flash ⚡

Steve: Why do you say it like someone was making you sit in Iron Thorns 🙈 after Mars mission, will they allow tourists in sun as well? 😜  Btw, did you see the latest RoboCop addition to Dubai Police force?

Shiv: Haha I never dream of Iron throne, I prefer the caves and the bats, its nice down here 😜
well, If you have like billions stacked you can join them to go touch the Sun! OMG! I wanna visit Dubai just to see that! AI is the future

Steve: Not sure about the intelligence of RoboCop, we are yet to see if it is merely inspector Gadget.. But I believe now Go players can peacefully compete with each other and AlphaGo can officially be put to better use..

Shiv: Haha AlphaGo dominated in the entire games, it scares me at times 😅 Terminator Salvation 😝 Pranav Mistry isn’t making things easier 😅😅

Steve: He hadn’t kept things easier since the Sixth Sense Ted talk like 8 years back.. We don’t need advancement in AI to call it a dooms day, just skipping climate talks for a covfefe is enough.. 😜 now that even Musk is outta the board, who’s going to make Earth great again.. 😐

Shiv: No clue, looks like the winter is truly coming. Hope Covfefe is the family name for someone who is going to save the world. House of Covfefe?  😜

One thing is for sure, if covfefe was their startup name, it would’ve been on top of the Google page results for sure!



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