Benefits Of Using React To Build A Fully Featured Chat App

Building a chat application has many advantages – whether you’re a local business owner, a company offering services, or a home baker with a startup business, customer service plays a crucial role. It can significantly increase your leads into sales, and at the same time, get the chance to communicate well with your clients. Building a chat application internal company use also has its advantages. You have better customization, no third-party companies, and it increases your privacy as you don’t have to worry about other websites trying to snoop into your messages. For all of these things, React makes it easier for people to build a fully-featured chat application, regardless of how you intend to use it.

React is a continuously growing chat platform that can be used in various ways. React is an open-source framework that allows you to create a variety of mobile applications. React isn’t limited to building chat apps, but it has become more popular because of its ease of use for real-time chat applications. The reason behind its popularity is because of its advantages, listed below:

Easy To Set Up

Most often, people think that building a simple application alone is difficult. While this still holds for some, when it comes to a chat application, this doesn’t have to be the case at all times. While building a chat app via React may possess some learning curves, this can be done even without hard-coding using CometChat’s React chat SDK. It’s a simple platform that lets you integrate your chat application requirements into your mobile App.

Many developers have noted that React functions just like any other native app. Its straightforward platform makes it easier for developers to create a mobile app that doesn’t compromise quality, functionality, and design. 

With its simplified UI (user interface), React makes it easier to implement various actions without all the mess and clutter in the interface. This gives you more time to focus on your code and fewer worries about the other text that could be distracting.


One of the drawbacks of creating fully-functional applications is that they tend to be expensive. React cuts down all the unnecessary expenses, because when using React, it’s like you’re coding from a native app. This means that there are fewer fees to worry about, and you can work on the project faster.

Open-Source Framework

It has been mentioned earlier that React is an open-source framework. This means that all related documentation is open and available to everyone in the React community. This has multiple advantages because there’s an endless stream of support from the community members, making it easier to complete or finish your project without complications.

Because this is an open platform, you can also find different developers sharing notes about the App they have built, giving you an idea of how it should be done. Some developers even share their portfolios, which mean this is advantageous for companies trying to create a chat app or any other mobile app through React.

Ready-Made Solutions

Got stuck in something and can’t move forward? Developers often hit a brick wall, and this can be pretty frustrating, especially when you’re on a tight deadline. When making a fully-functional chat app with React, this could rarely happen. This is because you can find a wide range of ready-made solutions and libraries that you can refer to whenever you experience some troubles with your code.

For instance, you may find software engineers in the library who are willing to help you debug and find errors in your code. This is an important factor when building a chat app or any other mobile app for that matter.

Since React is also compatible with JavaScript libraries, you can always incorporate it with JS, or get tons of support and libraries to find help from to help you push through with the chat app you’ve been working on.

Supports Third-Party Plugins

There’s nothing more frustrating than having an app that doesn’t support the majority of third-party plugins. One way or another, you’ll need some functionality that a third-party plugin offers, and it’s going to make your chat app way better and a lot easier to code. This is one of the many reasons why developers love React – it supports the majority of third-party plugins, leaving you more room for improvement and customization when it comes to your chat app. 

Since the Native framework alone may have some missing components, you can fill those missing components or gaps with support from third-party plugins, which is pretty awesome.

Pre-Built Components And Reusable codes

This is, by far, one of the best benefits of using React app for your chat application. With this feature, you don’t need to create a separate app for iOS and Android. The majority of the codes can be used for both devices, saving you a lot of time and effort at the same time. You can also browse through a large library of pre-built components that you may find in handy when building your chat app.


React App makes it easier for developers to create a fully-functional chat application, and it doesn’t require too much time, energy, and effort to make one. You have all the resources that you need, with an awesome community, with a large library collection, and pre-built components that are ready to use at your disposal.