Byju’s ordered to return ₹44,500 to a parent for a course
Goel alleged in her case that she had booked her daughter Ananya, a Class 9 student, an online course program from BYJU'S on October 6, 2019.

A citizen of Ludhiana spent 44,500 for just an online course, to which the district consumer disputes redressal commission has ordered the digital learning portal BYJU’S to return the money. Furthermore, it has been ordered to compensate £7,000 in lawyer expenses and penalties.


BYJU’s shall repay the settlement and legal fees with interest at a rate of 8% per year starting November 2019 until the date of actual payment, according to a choice taken by the forum under the direction of its president Sanjeev Batra.

CEO Byju Raveenran

On December 23, 2019, Ritu Goel, a citizen of JJ Enclave, Dugri, Phase-III, filed a lawsuit. She sought a payback of 44,500, 50,000 in interest and compensation, and 15,000 for lawyer fees.


Goel alleged in her case that she had booked her daughter Ananya, a Class 9 student, an online course program from BYJU’S on October 6, 2019. She continued by claiming that officials of BYJU’s had reassured her that she can still give back to the program in under 15 days if she wasn’t happy with the course.


Ritu stated that her child did not gain enough benefits from the program, and on the thirteenth day, she sent a letter seeking a refund. She alleged that even after delaying making a decision, the firm declined to issue her a return.


Goel alleged in her case that the industry’s unfair market practices had led to her harassment and mental distress.


Earlier, the CEO of e-learning BYJU’s has been asked by the leading child rights group NCPCR over accusations that it is participating in unethical conduct to try to convince kids and parents to take its courses.


Consumers who had to place their assets and futures in danger alleged that they were abused and misled, and BYJU’s is confronted with a variety of accusations on social media networks and customer websites.


In November, Byju’s which is a tech startup confirmed the termination of 5% of its 50,000 company employees throughout all divisions. As part of its strategy to reduce spending and operating costs throughout all sectors, such as product, content, media, and technology, the unicorn tech startup intends to terminate the employment of 2,500 people within the next six months.


About Byju:


A worldwide educational technology firm with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India is branded Byju’s. Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath formed the company in 2011. Byju’s is estimated to be worth approximately 22 billion as of March 2022, and the firm estimates that there are around 115 million active learners.