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Canada is a top country in adopting the latest technological achievements

Along with the USA and China, Canada is the top country with the latest technologies. The economy of land is growing by 2% every year and is set to double the economic growth in the 3rd decade of the century. Economic growth is thanks to the adequate reaction to new technologies. Living in the 4th industrial revolution could be problematic for many countries but not for Canada. Other countries should follow the success recipe from Canada and react to new technologies, just like Canada.

Canada was first there to welcome Bitcoin

From the start of the 2nd decade of this century, Bitcoin became popular. At first, people could not believe in the power of Cryptocurrencies. To be more specific, people could not believe that the banking system and local governments would allow this kind of platform. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are free of all influence. No one control transactions and it could be not very comforting for every country officials.

Allowing technological development of gambling operators

Bingo, Slots, Lotto, and casino venues – Canada is popular in all gambling platforms. Country officials decided to allow gambling back in the 21st century and give rise to the most significant industry of history. If not an adequate response to technological development, the gambling industry would not be able to improve year by year. As of now, the industry of gaming delivers up to 20 billion CAD in the country’s economy.

The government of Canada allowed to casino and slot operators to open online platforms. At the same time, authorities have permitted the usage of cryptocurrencies as a payment option. It will lead to the trust of people who are in favor of Bitcoin and Ripple. Nowadays, you can play online slots in Canada on online platforms and pay via Bitcoin without any hesitation. Canadian operators are set to dominate the world scale as the country’s officials gave them full freedom. While other countries are still thinking about allowing gambling or Bitcoin, their locals are traveling to Canada to enjoy life.

Video games are on the way to dominate the world

Canadian companies like Ubisoft and BioWare are set to dominate the world. In the latest report from the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, it’s visible that video game operators have to deliver more than 4 billion CAD to the economy. Video game developer companies have distributed 16% more than experts could expect in 2018. It’s visible that the country’s economy is growing due to adequate response to technological developments. Canada is the country that every developed or undeveloped country should follow as a success recipe.



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