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Coalescence 2015. India’s first Innovation Summit by BITS PIlani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus

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A 2-3 day extravaganza that will allow the leaders of tomorrow learn from those of today, to fuse their thoughts and their efforts.

BITS Pilani Goa

[tab]A.C.T (The Conference) – stands for Aspire. Create. Transform. At Coalescence we wish to let the future Zuckerbergs of the country learn from the current ones. A conference that brings together people that have challenged the stereotypes and changed them, people who had the courage to do something, to change something, to make an impact.

Some of our past speakers include:

1. Alok Shetty, Architect, Innovator and Founder, Bhumiputra Group

2. Biswa Kalyan Rath, Engineer and Standup Comedian

3. Vijay Anand, The Startup Guy

4. Kunal Shah, Founder, Freecharge

5. Dr. Pawan Agarwal, CEO, Mumbai Dabbawala Association

6. Sanjay Nath, Co-Founder, Blume Ventures

7. Ritesh Agarwal, Thiel Fellow and Founder, OYO Rooms[/tab]
[tab] Novatia is the premier B-Plan competition of India where top-notch innovators are given an opportunity to present their business models to a panel of experts from various industries. Novatia has 2 categories: Social and Enterprise.

The participants are screened in 3 stages.

 Round 1 invites applications in the format of Executive Summaries from various startups from all over the country. These applications are then shortlisted by our partner incubators/accelerators

 Round 2 invites a complete Business Plan from the startups that are selected from Round 1. The top 20-25 teams among them are again screened by our partner incubators/accelerators.

 These 20 teams receive a month long mentorship period with mentors from one of our partners to improve and curate their business plans further.

Then these teams are invited to Coalescence to present their Business Plans in front of a panel of experts from various fields. Finally 2 teams from each category are declared winners.

Past References –

 Last year, Novatia saw participation of over 200 teams from all over India.

 Participants were from colleges as reputed as IIMs and IITs.

 The winners received cash prize of INR 150,000.

 All the finalists have the opportunity to get funded upto INR 2 million.

 Partner incubators/accelerators included the likes of CIBA, MyDea Ventures, Seedfund, TiE, TLabs, Collabrant Incubators etc. [/tab]


Coalescence will host a hackathon in association with HackerEarth. It will consist of 3-4 problems of various difficulties to be solved in a particular time period. It will be conducted on the platform of HackerEarth. Winners will be awarded cash prizes and other goodies.[/tab]


The first steps in shaping an idea are gaining the required knowledge and have a know-how of the field. To do the same, Coalescence organizes a series of workshops aimed at helping upcoming leaders keep an edge.

Some of the workshops we had are:

 Art of elevator pitching

 Finance of startups

 Small business simulations

 Principles of supply chain management



Aimed to provide real life simulation of entrepreneurial challenges to the thinkers of tomorrow, Coalescence organizes events for the brightest minds to meet up and evince themselves.

In the last edition, some of the events in this segment were:

 Last Entrepreneur Standing – An event that brings out the best in an entrepreneur through creative ideation

 Bid n Barter – A business game that sharpens your negotiation skills

 Beer Game – An interactive game that teaches you the principles of supply chain management

 Bluechip Beatdown – An event that involves hands on interaction with customers in real time market scenario



In this edition, Coalescence introduces India’s reputed startup hiring and internship talent acquisition platform. Expo will serve as a common place for all the leading startups from the country as well as a pool of talented candidates to meet and network. Attendees will a chance to work at leading startups while startups have an opportunity to recruit from the best of talents. Venture capitalists get a chance to come across promising startups of India



A dinner that brings together the entire community, speakers, mentors, future entrepreneurs. A completely open interaction aimed at providing an opportunity to interact/discuss/debate/learn from some of the most experienced and accomplished people in Indian Startup Ecosystem.



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