CogitoHub’s Value Proposition That Is A Cognitive Step In The EduTech Startup Space

CogitoHub is an Education Consulting & Technology Firm. Cogito, the root word for ‘Cognition’ is taken from the Latin phrase by the philosopher Descartes: ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ i.e. I Think Therefore I Am.

This start-up uses robust frameworks, validated assessment tools, predictive analytics and machine learning to help Students decide their ‘Next Steps’, along with enhancing Teachers’ Capability.

Simply put, they help Students & Teachers perform better.

Functioning First

Student Next

CogitoHub empowers students across Grades 8th-12th to decide their ‘Next Steps’ on subjects, careers, courses and colleges. Their ‘Online Platform’ is supported with validated tools that assess Students to accurately predict these ‘Next Steps’, based on their behaviours, aptitude, motivations & interests. CogitoHub’s ‘Student Next’ algorithm has a 92% proven success rate with students.



Teacher Talent

CogitoHub empowers Teachers to recognize their ‘Potential’ by assessing them on Competencies and measure their ‘Performance’ by helping them create Goals. This is done using validated tools that are enabled through alignment workshops, and administered on an ‘Online Talent Management Platform’.



Precedency of CogitoHub

Their top priority as a company is to help align how the external world maps with the internal profile of a person to help solve the critical issue plaguing Universities and Organizations of misaligned Talent Management.

While Recruitment (Talent Acquisition) through technology is prevalent, it is a passive form of Talent Acquisition, where Organizations and Candidates are mapped on a common platform through job postings. CogitoHub plans to activate recruitment by flipping it, i.e. enabling Universities and Organizations to subscribe on our platform and get contextually targeted students and young professionals who have a far higher likelihood to be the right fit for the course and role, validated through advanced Predictive Analytics.

CogitoHub also wants to create a marketplace that is centred around the course and job seeker being sought out by the University/ Organization versus the present form that is done the other way around.

Their overall Value Proposition is: Assess, Decide, Explore, Recruit and Retain

Assess to Decide: An Eco-system of Assessments to gather students/young professional data from the environment and enable high accuracy decisions driven by predictive analytics and AI. (A consistently evolving model with over 25,000 students assessed)

Explore: A market place of curated Experts who will guide candidates to Explore the directional decisions that have been suggested in the Decide phase, before embarking on making those decisions a reality.

Recruit: Talent Acquisition platform that is a market centred around the course/ job seeker being sought out by the University/ Organization versus the present form that is vice versa. The Universities/ Organizations shall participate in this market place through a subscription model.

Retain: A Talent Retention model to help create and document Organization Goals (Performance) and Competencies (Potential). (A working model with Proof of Concept done with over 1,100 Teachers in 10 Schools).

Aggregator of CogitoHub

kunal sandhu cogitohub founderKunal Sandhu, the founder of the CogitoHub has been fortunate in his career to have had the opportunity to work with three Fortune 500 Companies

Unilever, Accenture and PepsiCo. He has also had the unique opportunity of working across different roles and domains in each of his stints, learning new skills and meeting extremely smart people along the way.

What he liked the most about working with these organizations was the excellent systems and processes that they have in place driven by a global vision. However, since these are large established companies, the opportunities to innovate are fewer and he felt that there was a limitation to the amount he could innovate.

His inspiration to start-up on his own came from the world around us today. We’re at an inflection point when it comes to innovation and technology. Individuals and companies are using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data to adapt to changing customer expectations and are creating products and services that were unimaginable a few years ago. He feels there is no better time than today to be an entrepreneur and create something that would make a difference in someone’s life and India is at the centre of this movement.

During his strategy and operations stints across South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East, he did some inspired work advising companies to create a high-performance culture to enhance business outcomes. He felt that his learnings could hugely benefit the underserviced Education sector.

When he started CogitoHub, he began by creating contextualized consulting frameworks and married them with advanced algorithms and analytics to create two assessment products for students and teachers.

Today CogitoHub’s products are being used by over 25,000 Students and 1,100 Teachers across the country.

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