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Everything you need to know about Ketamine

I think you have heard the name ketamine for two reasons. Number one is worldwide abuse of ketamine as a drug and additionally the most used for medical anesthesia. The medicine is prescribed from the 1970s. But the medicine unofficially has started its a journey from the Vietnam War in the 1960s

Ketamine is a magic pain remover and also works for severe anxiety. Scientists are researching ketamines effect on depression. Besides this is the last thing that may work for your depression. Though its not prescribed frequently for its Abuse. But at this age, you may buy ketamine online

Common names of Ketamine 

Worldwide ketamine has so many names to identify and many of the manufacturers produce it in different names. Lets have a quick view of ketamines mostly common names

  • Vitamin

Super K Ketaject Donkey dust Ketaset 

Special LA Coke . Cat tranquilizers Etc 

You may wonder by seeing some names like donkey dust and special LA coke. But they aren‘t the real name. These names have been popularised by the misusers. Ketamine is at its best in the right hand but it may cause tragedies for misuse

Ketamine for depression 

Ketamine is the last way of treatment of suicidal patients with depression. Ketamine is magic for them. Though FDA hasn‘t approved it yet. But some of the doctors are experimenting on the patients. If you are under any of these treatments you may order ketamine online. You would be able to buy Ketamine USA certified for manufacturing. As the medicine is not available in all the pharmacies

 How would you take Ketamine? 

 Ketamine is manufactured in various forms. So it is different from       any other medicines Lets have a look at the available forms of ketamine

Ketamine Powder 

Ketamine powder is the most common way of taking ketamine. Its a small dose of ketamine. You may find many advertisements on the internet about ketamine powder for sale. You may buy ketamine crystal from them. Street ketamine is sold in powder form. And the best quality of ketamine powder is called as ketamine crystals

Ketamine liquid              

Some people who need a high dose of ketamine would like to use ketamine liquid. Because it is easy to inject and have immediate results. You may find suppliers of liquid ketamine into some authentic sources into the web. Do not try all the advertisements you find into the web naming Ketamine liquid for sale. As you may have found some of them a real scammer

Ketamine Dose Do not use ketamine if you found any allergic reactions to any ingredients of it. Therefore ketamine has a dose range that is mentioned below

  • Light dose if about 2050 mg daily 
  • The strong dose is about 125175 mg daily And regular overdose may occur some symptoms as mentioned below

Dizziness Hallucinations 

A depressed and calm state 

  • Body loss or paralysis for a temporary moment 

You should know before buying ketamine 

This is a B category medicine. So it is strictly prohibited to buy or sell for misuse. Either one will be prisoned for 5 years. And Buy ketamine from any trusted sources, as street ketamine might have mixings. And it seems impossible to identify the mixing of crystal or powder ketamine. You may buy USA based ketamine from online authentic source 

So do not go for local cheap sources. Be careful about the doses and the duration neither you may face the common side effects of ketamine.



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