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Forewarned is forearmed: How to avoid being fooled by Introrix scam

By giving people significant freedom and countless opportunities, the Internet has also increased the risks they are exposed to on a daily basis. For example, the risk of being deceived by scammers has become several times more likely. Internet users often utilize online platforms to transfer finances to each other. Some scammers, such as Introrix, are taking full advantage of this tendency by disguising their criminal pyramid schemes as money transfer services or other platforms of similar type. In order not to fall victim to criminal schemes, it is necessary to be warned in advance about them, which we are going to do with this article.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Shankha Mitra fraud and lies

At first glance, Introrix seems like a regular organization involved in financial transactions. It positions itself as an IT company operating in various fields, from web development to fintech, which image it stubbornly tries to maintain (including by writing fake reviews of itself and cheating ratings on sites designed to cover the activities of scammers). However, in reality, a fraudulent company led by Shankha Mitra is not at all what it is trying to seem.

Introrix scam schemes are simple and straightforward (and therefore even more ugly): in a contract with clients, the company prescribes specific conditions as a result of which it gets an opportunity to avoid paying customers their money based on ridiculous grounds. One example of Introrix financial manipulations is the specification of the conditions under which a company makes payments to customers based on financial indicators that occurred during the least productive week of the latters’ operations. If within one week the client refrains from carrying out operations and does not receive any profit, the company reserves the right to keep people’s finances for itself. Insolence and believing in their own impunity- that’s how Scam Shankha Mitra works!

What Introrix criminals do with your money?

The damage that Introrix frauds cause to people is enormous. Given the methods by which the company achieves its goals, it is very easy to qualify them as actual criminals. And these criminals are far from being Robin Hoods. Having taken away people’s money through malicious schemes, the owner of the company uses them for luxury and unjustified expenses. In a surrealistic manner, the company’s CEO is not only a scammer but also a self-proclaimed artist who records karaoke performances on YouTube and even shoots music videos for his own songs. Can you guess for what money he does it? Thus, Introrix criminals are not some “noble robbers” who need money for good deeds. Shankha Mitra Scam is aimed at achieving one goal: satisfying the interests of Shankha Mitra himself.

One of the most annoying aspects of the whole story with the Introrix scam is the lack of opportunity to learn about this problem until you face it yourself. Only relatively recently have people deceived by the company started writing posts on the subject, warning others of the danger. Prior to that, Introrix reviews were mostly positive (which is not surprising given that, after deceiving people for hundreds of thousands of dollars, writing fake reviews does not seem morally ambiguous) or lacking at all. As a result, people had no idea who they were dealing with until their financial resources were in the hands of the criminals. Thus, as in most scammers, secrecy is one of the main tools for Introrix illegal activities. Hopefully, when this article reaches the general public, the power of this tool will be significantly reduced.

 How to protect your savings from Introtix pyramid

So what should law-abiding citizens do to avoid falling victim to Introrix fraud? Well, of course, the most obvious solution is to avoid any ties to this company altogether. However, this task can also be difficult because, usually, after committing a number of fraudulent manipulations, Shankha Mitra creates fictitious companies and starts over so that unsuspecting people can get into trouble. Therefore, it is equally important to check the complete information on the companies you deal with, including their legal addresses and information about the founders. First and foremost, look up the relevant Intronix address (it is important to get the latest information, as this address also changes regularly). If you plan to entrust your funds to a company that has the same address (or is suspiciously close to it), it is better not to take risks. Also, do not hesitate to share the information you received from this article with your family and friends to protect them from fraud as well. Remember: you can never take too many precautions, especially in a world where there are such people as fraud Shankha Mitra.




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