Hermes provides each employee a bonus of more than  ₹3,50,000 during the layoff season

Hermes, a French luxury design company, has chosen to provide its personnel with an unprecedented bonus of 4,000 euros (Rs 3,52,024) during a time when businesses are laying off workers. By the end of February, the company’s 19,700 employees will each get their bonus. According to LeMonde, a French newspaper, the incentive comes after a 2022 6% pay raise for staff headquartered in France and a 100-euro raise that was initially given in January of that year and was reaffirmed in July.

Axel Dumas, CEO of Hermes, said that 12,400 employees in France get an annual compensation of the equivalent of 17 months’ worth of wages, including profit-sharing and incentive bonuses, during the presentation of the group’s annual results.

Hermes has a position of excellence

The bonus payout, he continued, is a component of the “value sharing” programme, which also involves raising the dividend paid to shareholders. Also, he informed the parties involved about the launch of two new production facilities in France. For those who are unaware, Hermes is a French luxury design firm founded in 1837.

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It focuses on leather products, fashion accessories, home decor, jewellery, timepieces, and ready-to-wear. A few days prior, the business had attracted attention after a wanted Hong Kong tycoon made millions by auctioning several designer bags, primarily Hermes models.
Hermes International is a French maker of upscale products, usually known as Hermes of Paris or Hermes. The brand Hermes is regarded as renowned in the world of luxury.

In several valuation and rating studies released by reputable consultancies, it has continuously been regarded as the most valuable luxury brand in the world. Hermes has a position of excellence in the fiercely competitive and brutally cutthroat world of luxury thanks to a mix of historic legacy, exquisite workmanship, attention to detail, and high standards of quality and professionalism across the whole manufacturing process.

The company was placed 28th among the Best Global Brands 2020

According to international brand valuation company Interbrand, Hermes placed 28th among the Best Global Brands 2020. It comes in last with a brand worth USD 18.0 billion, trailing Louis Vuitton, valued at USD 31.7 billion and placed 17.

Like its main rivals, LVMH, Richemont, and Kering, the company is not a conglomerate in the word’s traditional meaning and does not have a portfolio of brands under its control. The assortment of items sold under the Hermes brand name comprises saddlery, lifestyle accessories, furniture, watches, jewellery, and leather goods. The company’s sales are mostly comprised of leather products and saddlery (50%), ready-to-wear and accessories (23%), and silk and textiles (9%).