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How Outsourcing Medical Transcription Has Been Important In 2020

Medical practices had to cope with an increased number of patients in 2020. Most hospitals had to deal with corona cases besides attending to regular patients. Thus, administrative tasks such as medical transcription piled up and delayed processes. However, providers who chose to outsource the process of medical transcription had a narrow escape as they could deal with piled up administrative work and resource shortage with greater efficiency. Below are the ways in which outsourced medical transcription services helped several medical practice run smoothly.

How Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services Helped Providers in 2020:

Help providers focus on patients

Most hospitals have had an increase in patients in 2020. Under such circumstances, handling patient forms, office accounting, note dictation became an additional burden for hospitals.  With a greater number of critical patients than ever before, the going got more complicated for healthcare providers. However, by outsourcing medical transcription services most of these providers were able to delegate much of the burden to their partners. This increased productivity of the staff and ensured a quality care for the patients.

Maintain current EHR

Medical transcription service providers help medical practices to seamlessly integrate their Electronic Health Records (EHR). The EHR systems that third-party providers use help achieve accurate and complete transcriptions. If the medical practice were to set up their own EHR system, it would take time and money to set up infrastructure and maintain the system. Since the pandemic has shot up expenses, setting up new infrastructure could be very challenging. By outsourcing medical transcription services providers could save on costs. 

Reduced responsibility for hiring and supervising

Hiring, training and overseeing medical transcription staff involves a lot of time and efforts. Also, there is a substantial investment in costs as providers need to repeatedly advertise for qualified transcriptionists.  In a pandemic year this was very difficult because the local job market began to see many ups and downs. For some, retaining transcriptionists also became a challenge as many went on vacation for the pandemic, some fell sick and a miniscule number of them went on maternity leaves.  However, providers who worked with medical transcription partners never faced this problem

In 2020 third party medical transcription providers have not just worked to ensure accuracy and productivity; they have also worked to make it convenient for medical service providers to not get overburdened by administrative tasks. Therefore, outsourcing transcription services will be a growing trend in the years to come.



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