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10 Android Games on the Play Store: October 2019

Android gaming keeps enhancing its experience, and when you think it can’t get any better, a new game comes the next month to dethrone the previous ones. It is a fact that out of all the games which are published, only 5% succeed. Now, that’s some heavy competition. Now, whether you love racing games, sports, casinos, or live-action games, there eventually comes a game that everyone enjoys. We have compiled a list of the top 10 android games on the Google Play Store for October 2019.

Let’s check out the games which are worthy of downloading right away – 

10. Walk Master

One genre that usually stands out is arcade games. Even though their graphics are simple, yet people love these games for being challenging. Walk Master is one of those goofy arcade games which will keep you on your toe as you try to balance one of your 26 characters and help them walk without letting them fall. Sounds pretty simple, right? Yet the game has several complex levels and funny characters, which keeps the game interesting.

Here, is the trailer of the game, have a look –

You can download it for free, and in-app purchase charges up to $4.99.


9. Vectronom

Vectronom is a unique game that makes you follow and stay on the beat, quite literally! If you enjoy beats and music, this game is worth a try. It is a combination of classic puzzle-solving with the new age music and rhythms. What keeps it interesting is that with every level, the music changes, and so does the beats. Also, it is advised to keep your headphones on as you might not want to miss the beats.

Check out the trailer and see for yourself –

The game costs $5.49 and comes with no in-app purchases or annoying ads.


8. Perfect World Mobile

One of the most popular games in PC, MMORPG, introduced its mobile reboot version with the Perfect World Mobile. The game is enhanced with the MMORPG mechanics but is also equipped with some elements of the original game. The graphics are attractive, and the game gives the freedom of both solo and multiplayer options. Perfect World flaunts its in-game open world, which is spread over 60,000 square kilometers. Overall, it is as good as MMORPGs can get on mobile.

The game is free to play.


7. Mario Kart Tour

Bringing back the nostalgia of perhaps one of the most popular and loved video games, Mario is back, but this time he is not running, he’s in a kart. (Well, it is an upgrade!) It is one of 2019’s biggest releases. Mario kart tour is a mobile racing game with the Mario theme. It gives the player two options for controls. Overall, it’s an excellent game to go back into the memory lane of childhood.

The game is free to play.


6. Casino Slots: House of Fun™️

This Casino game welcomes you with 100 free spins and slots and rewards. What makes it exciting is the experience that allows the player to have the thrill of Vegas on his mobile phone. This game has more than 20 million players around the WorldWorld. It features Strip’s most famous slots casinos: Rio, Caesars, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Bally, Planet Hollywood, The Mirage, and many more.

Android Games

This game is free to play and contains in-app purchases.


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5. DIGIMON ReArise

Digimon needs no introduction, its the popular card dueling franchise. It DIGIMON ReArise features a story that allows you to interact with your Digimon, which makes it an original account and also to compete with other people. It features online PvP, which enables the duel of a maximum of five versus five fights.

This game is free to play.


4. Grobo

Grobo is a combination of a platformer and a puzzle game. Unlike other arcade games, here, you play as a robot and try to solve puzzles to reach the next level. The game features excellent graphics, entertaining gameplay mechanics, and five narrative chapters, which in total have 48 levels.

The game costs $3.99 and comes with no in-app purchases or annoying ads.


3. League of Wonderland

The Japanese gaming giants, SEGA, introduces the League of Wonderland. It is a Clash Royale style game that allows the player to collect cards. The player can build decks and compete against other online players. It makes the games exciting by incorporating multiple skills and bluffs. Furthermore, it restricts the match under two minutes, which makes it compelling for the players. One of the impressive features of the game is the introduction of the Viewer Mode, which allows you to watch other play. One of the reasons why people love this game is because it’s comparatively faster than others.


The game is free to play.


2. Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a one of a kind real-time strategy game. This game allows you to play like a ruler and defend your kingdom and people against Vikings. These are the same Vikings who are responsible for the death of the previous ruler, your father. What makes this game fun is the added elements where you can burn down stuff.

The game costs $4.99


1. Call of Duty: Mobile

It’s the immense popularity of the game, which made it a massive success even as an android game soon after its launch. This game has over 100 million downloads and more than 4 million reviews. Even in terms of the gameplay, it is excellent. It allows 100-person battle royale and contains maps from the original times. This is one game you must try.


This game is free to play.


That concludes our list of the top 10 android games of October 2019. Let us know what you think about these games, and don’t forget to check out Casino Billions.