Three Arrows capital's founders speak
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3AC founders break their silence, talking about their trip to Dubai!

Three Arrows fails miserably in the market, thanks to market implosion.

The month of May was a nightmare for all the players in the crypto sphere, to say the least. The implosion saw Terra’s debacle take place, which effectively prolonged the market crash. The Terra’s stable coin and Luna (cryptocurrency) fell by 99% wiping out millions of dollars of investors. One among the Terra’s investor was Three Arrows Capital or 3AC.

As 3AC got effected by Terra, it went on to affect a lot of crypto institutions in the market. BlockFi, Voyager Digital come in the list of the companies that got seriously affected by 3AC’s collapse. Both the companies went on to take hostile decisions like cutting out work force or freezing the investors accounts to remain solvent. Voyager Digital went to the extent of filing for Bankruptcy.

3AC’s situation doesn’t look good at all in the current market situation. The whole company is in a lot of trouble and the situation for investors of the company looks miserable. Amidst all the chaos the company is putting up with, it was found out that, both the founders were found stating that, they will be moving to Dubai soon.

The founders speak!

Founders of Three Arrow speak
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The founders of the hedge fund company 3AC, Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, went on to claim that the collapse of the company is regrettable. As the claim of the investors knocks the door of the company, the founders spoke that, they were planning to move to Dubai. The main reason that they stated was to assess the market conditions for the company or to see if future holds something different.

According to Zhu’s research, leveraged bets were made in the fund with the expectation that the cryptocurrency market will rise again, which led to the fund’s demise. He also went on to make comparisons of the collapse of 3AC to that of Celsius Network, a cryptocurrency lending company that stopped accepting withdrawals and sought bankruptcy protection after running out of cash to honor customer redemptions.

Report says 3AC owes $2.8 billion to creditors.

According to the reports, the investors of the company are claiming their investments back which cumulatively sum up to around $2.8billion. The magnitude of the hedge fund’s debt following its implosion was made public on Monday in a 1,157-page court filing, with individual claims totaling more than $1 billion.

Writer’s Analysis:

It is evident that the company is in a turmoil and the founders are least interested to do anything about it. It seems as if the founders are looking to flee the country to Dubai and settle down there. The only statement that can be passed after seeing the situation of 3AC is that, the employees and the investors are in a pitiful situation.