6 tips social media
Image: Jason Goodman (Unsplash)

6 Effective Social Media Tips for Startups

6 tips social media
Image: Jason Goodman (Unsplash)

Nowadays, marketers often use social media for startups’ promotion. It is affordable and can help to get to the target audience. However, to create a social media strategy that will support the company, you need to take a structured and inventive approach.

This article will show you the reasons for using social media for startups and outline six crucial tips applicable to a brand social media strategy entrepreneurs use when starting a new business.

Why Use It? Importance of Social Media for Startups 

You already know that social media can be a powerful tool for any business. For a startup, it can offer certain advantages that will set the ground for growth and allow you to get insights on how to design campaigns in the future. In particular, social media is an effective way to reach the target audience or get to the stakeholders, implying sharing content, providing solutions, and maximizing promotion via targeted ads. 

At the same time, social media marketing for startups is the means to improve brand awareness; as with the account, you can show your values, display products, and be memorable. Moreover, it helps to set not only the perception of your products but also the perception of you as an employee.

Lastly, if handing the social media right, you can know more insights about the industry and the buyer persona. In particular, engaging with the followers or prospects allows getting more insights and offering more value. Besides, when using social media for startups, you see the activity of other brands and competitors, meaning you can hop on the train of trends or get an exciting insight and use it to your advantage.

How to Promote Startup on Social Media

Before all, the usage of social media for startups contemplates becoming visible. It is possible in various ways. Yet, the most effective tactics to implement brand social media strategy refer to content production and support from opinion leaders. That’s why you should create a social media strategy with expertise and value in mind. 

Produce and share content

So, to get the attention and the reach, you should provide something valuable. In terms of social media marketing for startups, you should start with creating content related to your products. That’s why focusing on expertise is essential, as it grants credibility and authority. If the followers find your content likable and exciting, they are to follow you, while you can use it for getting them through the customer journey. 

The best content refers to the following types: infographics, reports, facts, guides, recommendations. Yet, make sure you do it in interactive form. In this regard, even jokes can work out. Besides, pick the format that would be interesting to watch; the videos and animations are in great demand now.

Use outreach to get greater exposure

Another essential tip in using digital marketing for startup promotion is concerned with outreach. The particular term contemplates reaching people you do not know with the specific goal. In your case, the objective is to support your product and promote goods, services, or content with third parties’ help. They may refer to industry opinion leaders or experts, bloggers, writers or journalists, or promising influencers. 

The first group can both add to the content creation or its mentioning on the pages of others, adding to your reach. The second group is to create pieces about you and share articles about your solutions, putting you on the media map. Sometimes, it can result in some backlink support. Lastly, the third event may bring you more followers and make it visible to your target audience by simply creating a sponsored post. 

Everything depends on your goal, communication, and how you approach the influencers. For the most part, you can write a direct message to them. Yet, some of them are busy. That’s why using a targeted email outreach with an email address finder at hand can help you reach influencers or writers in a specific niche..

How to Run a Company’s Social Media

At the same time, to successfully apply a social network for startups, devising a solid strategy and interacting with the audience is a must. The particular block provides essential tips focusing on running social media in a strategic way. What are they? 

Make a content plan

A worthy content plan contemplates aligning the content with the solutions, events, and promotions. It means that your table with the dates for publishing stores, posts, or articles should reflect the external and internal matters. The relevancy and usability are critical in this regard. Thus, try to fit the content that you know will be just in time for your audience. Note that for you to see that moment, you should understand the needs and behavior of your prospects. 

Simultaneously, leave some room for significant events. For it, you may add a “news” format to inform your audience. Besides, consistency is a key to greater organic reach. TikTok proves it nowadays. Thus, dividing your content plan into different formats to entrain, educate, sell, or inform your followers can bring positive results. Moreover, do not hesitate to make changes or post content referring to urgent pieces, especially if they refer to something trendy.

Set a good profile

Yet, when you create a social media strategy, another important thing is your profile. The first look at the account can either interest the prospect or turn them away. So, make sure your page projects your values and your goal. Simultaneously, think of what would be attractive to your audience. 

For instance, on LinkedIn, a platform for specialists and professionals, you would need to prove that you are an expert. Notably, on Instagram, you are to think of the visual look that would be esthetic and coherent in terms of style. For Twitter, you would need a witty social media specialist who would comment on trendy topics and share relevant news with a defined tone of voice in mind.

How to Improve Social Media for Your Business

Lastly, when you have your strategy supported by the plan and a nice-looking profile, you can improve it further. The growth depends on the engagement, connection with the audience, and improvement of content. In this regard, you can:

Build and engage with the community 

Developing your community means that you favor long-term relationships with your customers. For a startup, it is an opportunity to get to know their followers and form bonds. From a financial perspective, it is about sustainable income. From a brand perspective, you are likely to gain credibility and support. 

Yet, the primary condition is the provision of value, including solutions, discussion, or recommendations. Moreover, if you start a dialogue, you get feedback and insights that are important for improving your product. Applying this tactic on LinkedIn, you can foresee trends and gain a competitive advantage. After some time, a satisfied customer can recommend you or your content, leading to more followers. That way, the communities are to support the further growth of the social network for startups.

Integrate technologies

If you have your content plan defined, while the brand social media strategy works, start thinking about including some technological solutions. What does it mean? You can bring automation tools to help you plan publishing activities. Some software can help you turn pieces of blogs into infographics and support bringing organic traffic to your blog. 

Other tools can help you target prospects, like LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Besides, some apply the Chrome extension email finder for influencer marketing or collaboration with experts on LinkedIn.

Moreover, apply the instruments to track your results, starting from engagement and all the way to conversation analysis. In this regard, Hootsuite and Bandwagon options can be of great use. 

Importantly, if you want to make a difference and amaze people with creative strategy, you may need to incorporate AR into your startup social media marketing tactics. Augmented reality is widely used on Instagram and offers an immersive experience, boosting engagement. If you are a tech startup, why not produce a wow effect or display the functions of your product via AR? It can be an excellent backing for a product launch or an addition to a targeted ad.