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60 mins airs breaking UFO episode and internet reacts with alien memes.

Bermuda triangle, werewolves, and witches, aliens, UFOs. All these were interesting topics to add a highlight to quirky discussions. After all, those topics without a yes or no are always the best to spark interest and curiosity. However, it looks like UFOs are no longer a yes or no question, rather it’s more of an ‘Oh! No’ statement thanks to the episode aired in 60 mins wherein Lieutenant Ryan Graves(Former Navy Pilot), and Luis Elizondo, former head of Pentagon’s UFO investigation program, engage in a discussion about UFOs, and their existence. And they are dead serious about what they are talking about. It’s not material for science fantasy or fiction, rather it has all the potential to be a fact.

However, netizens aren’t in the mood to be worried or worked up. Rather, they are polishing their meme-making skills and unleashing them over Twitter. Perhaps 2020 has shaken people to such an extent that everything whether it be rockets or UFO’s inevitably become meme material. Here is a compilation of the best memes. If you are someone who is a bit spooked about aliens paying a visit soon, then here is a good dose of memes to calm your nerves.

Priorities are important. Always.

All those who never gave up on the alien theory, it’s time to take a dab.

Forest fires, a pandemic, a hit and miss Chinese rocket, and now UFOs. Whoever is scripting these events has got a good sense of humor, no doubt!

Apparently, it is time to inspect that line separating fantasy and reality. Chances are that it might have blurred a bit.

There is the whole debate of whether aliens and UFOs are real, and some folks have more pressing concerns, and they cannot be blamed. Tourist place choices to make for a wholesome visit are of utmost importance.

To accept or not accept was the question, and apparently, they are past the denial stage. Now it’s the philosophical path of not all things can be explained.

As per the rules of Aristotle, a perfect tragedy must not have anything superficial in it. Earth might have just aced that rule.

While some are mulling over UFOs and the seriousness of the matter, others are busy preparing lists for potential candidates.

And then there is the conspiracy theory that never gets old, and Zuckerberg is not to be left out of this matter. Period.




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