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8 Best Father and Son Activities

Sons are often referred to as the “chips off the old block” of their fathers. A dad is expected to guide his son so that he grows into an all-rounded, prosperous man. Being an effective man takes time and effort. In this modern era of social media and computer games, dads need to step up and stay close with their sons irrespective of their ages. You can bond over these fantastic activities.


1. Go On A Road Trip


Nothing speaks bonding more than traveling to a new or even old place together. You don’t have to board a plane to make it unique; a simple road trip will do. Jump in the car with your son and drive to a nearby location for a while. You don’t have to go very far. While on the road, select your favorite music and buy some snacks to enjoy. Depending on your little man’s age, you can teach them how to read a map or use the GPS as you move from place to place. You will be amused by how deep the conversations can get.


2. Get Mechanical


Boys usually start with playing TacToys, then they move to battery-controlled cars. Once they are old enough, you can introduce them to the real deal. If your little one is interested in mechanics and automobiles, consider giving him a tour of your car’s engine. Use the manual as a visual aid to show him the different parts under the hood and how they work. If possible, give him a trip to the underside too.


3. Volunteer Together


Kids learn more from what they see the parents doing than what they are told to do. Many volunteer opportunities are available both locally and internationally. Pick a course both of you love and go for it. You don’t have to wait for Christmas, Easter, or thanksgiving to do something special for the vulnerable people in your community.


4. Grill Something


Grilling is often regarded as a man’s job, and you should hand over the tradition to your son. Teach your boy how to grill different foods. While steak is the most common, you can try other things like meat, sausages, chicken, pork chops, and hamburgers. You can even go out of the norm and grill corn, avocado, or any other vegetable. If you want to make the moment memorable, diverting from the norm is a great idea.


5. Plant A Garden


Bonding over an outdoor activity doesn’t always have to involve riding a bicycle or throwing balls. Planting a garden is equally a fun activity that involves several skills. Since gardening requires a lot of time and effort, you will train your son on how to be patient. Make a list of the flowers, herbs, and vegetables you would like to plant in your yard. Besides bonding, gardening with your son will boost his self-esteem after the job is well done.


6. Trace The Family Roots


A fun time can also be about learning your ancestry. Tell your son stories about your grandparents or great grandparents. Are there great things that your family lineage is known for? Here is a chance for your son to feel proud of his roots. You can also talk about the negative things too but as lessons that he shouldn’t follow suit. Also, you may take advantage of the host of ancestry websites that people use to trace their ancestry.


7. Interview Each Other


Would you like to know your son better? Probably your son would also like to know his father well. So, you can hold an interview. You can ask questions in turns. Tell him to open up on things he might have been afraid to ask. The session will help you to understand the younger generation, and it will help him to know what adulthood is like. Make these sessions regular.


8. Construction Projects


A small building project is a perfect way of fostering a good relationship with your son. The type of project should depend on your son’s age. For small boys, a birdcage will suffice. Also, don’t allow your little one to hammer. Leave him to do things like painting and passing your items. As you do the construction project, your son will be learning the importance of planning and paying attention to details.



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