A Tamil Nadu couple adds twist to their wedding reception by holding it in metaverse

A couple from Tamil Nadu adds a technological twist to their wedding by conducting their wedding reception in the metaverse. Guests will be able to take part in the reception from anywhere in the world by logging in virtually. Hence worries of missing the reception on account of the pandemic stand canceled. Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini are the couple who are all set to host their wedding reception in the metaverse. The virtual headquarters of the Hogwarts castle, precisely speaking, its dining hall will play the venue for the wedding reception which will be attended by guests from far and near.


The What and Why

Apart from the technological benefit, there is another reason why the couple felt it will be apt to host their reception in the metaverse. Both of them met online through Instagram. A journey that started online, why shouldn’t it be celebrated online. In addition to this, the metaverse reception also removes the hurdles caused by the surging COVID cases. Thus guests wouldn’t have to worry about missing the reception as long as they have a good system in place to log in.

The news concerning the wedding reception was first reported by the Times Of India. Another major highlight of the event is that it will be presided over by the avatar of the bride’s late father. The guests will be met in the metaverse venue by the virtual avatars of the couple. Dinesh and Janaganandhini will tie the knot on the 6th of February. Janaganandhini works as a software developer, while Dinesh is a project associate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. The location of their wedding is the Sivalingapuram village in Tamilnadu. The idea behind conducting the wedding reception in the metaverse belonged to Dinesh, and it had Janaganandhini’s nod of approval.

Dinesh has been quite interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain for quite some time now. For the past year, he has also mined Ethereum. It was this interest that made him consider hosting the wedding reception in the metaverse since the foundation principle of the virtual world is blockchain technology. Add to this the fact that they met online, the whole idea sounded perfect. With the reception being conducted virtually, they also don’t have to worry about social distancing and contracting the virus. All in all, the idea seemed tailor-made to fit the situation.

After finalizing the idea, Dinesh approached Vignesh Selvaraj of Qatics Tech who has experience designing Tardiverse that lets people meet and play. At the wedding reception, the guests can choose either Indian traditional attire or western attire for their avatars. They can use either Gpay or Crypto to gift the couple.