About To Buy An Inflatable Board – Here Are Some Interesting Facts You Should Know

Buying a surfing board is a very challenging task, especially when you are buying inflatable boards. The reason behind this is the limited knowledge of the subject matter that people have. Above that, the market option is so fascinating that it confuses the person to the next level. If you are thinking of buying the inflatable paddle board, then the first thing you must decide is the budget you are having.

According to that, you must start exploring the options of the board. If you are still facing a hard time buying the board for you, then here are some of the facts related to these boards. They will help you out surely throughout the journey.

Keep in mind the required PSI of the inflatable paddleboard

The PSI means the air pressure that a boat should have. If the boat’s air is more or less than the required amount, you will not enjoy the surfing experience efficiently. If the boat you are buying has a low price, like 500 or 600 dollars, then the pressure must be like 12 -13 psi, but in the high-end boards, the pressure of the board can be upto 25 PSI.

The higher is the pressure of the board; the stronger and rigid the board will be. So, you must keep on searching for the high psi inflatable paddle board in your budget.

Length of the board and speed

The length of the board is the biggest determiner of the speed of the board. If you are a person who is in love with the speed, then they must always choose the board has a long length. On the other hand, if you are looking for a board with the help you can just relax, then the short heightened board will suit you the best.

Check whether it has the bungees or not 

The bungee is the straps available at the ends of the inflatable paddle board so that you can safely attach some of your gears. Now, these bungees are not available on some of the boards. Due to this, the person cannot take their important gear with them when they are surfing.

Some boards provide bungee at one of the sides, and some provide them on both sides. The concept behind this is, the more the number of bungees, the more gear you can take with you. 

If the bungee is present on only one side, then there are chances that the boards get a little misbalanced. That is why always remember to buy the boards having strong bungees that too on both sides.

Handle placement of the board is very important

There are some handles present at the centers or the board’s sides in an inflatable paddle board that helps a person carry the board. The placement of these handles on the board is very important as it will be directly proportionate to your ease of handling the board. If the handle is present in the front of the ends, you will find it hard to carry these boards, but on the other hand, it is easy to carry the board with a handle on the middle or sides. So always decide the board after checking the placement of the handle properly.

Is there a fin box attached?

One of the main activities that a person performs in the sea when surfing is sea diving. People are enthusiastic about diving in the sea for which they will require a set of fins, now; to store those fins; there is a specialized fn box attached with the board. Now you know that you will require the fins, then you should opt for the box that comes with a fin box along.

In case you find that the fin box is not present, but you require it, you must keep on exploring for more options.

Paddles to keep the boat moving 

A surfer requires a set for paddlers when they are surfing on the waves. Normally, they don’t require them because the board keeps moving due to the water’s force. But sometimes there are no waves in the water, due to which the surfer requires these paddles to keep the board moving.

Pump for filling in the air 

The inflatable paddle board is filled with air properly before it is taken to the waters. Now some boards have a bundled pump with them, but on the other hand, some of them don’t provide it. You should inquire beforehand that the pump is included or not. Also, the power of the pump matters. If the pump is of high power, then you will be able to fill up the board in very less time and that too efficiently.

Earlier, the pumps used to be eclectic, but now, many hybrid pumps are also available with the tech updates. They run with the help of electricity, but if there is no light available, you can use them on the batteries fitted.

A repair kit 

When you are about to buy the inflatable paddle board, then it is sure that it will have to face many ups and downs in the sea. Many strong waves will hit the board, due to which it may undergo some wear and tears. Now for every small repair in the boat, you cannot take it to the manufacturer. That is why you should check the weather a repairing kit is provided with the kit or not. If not provided, then you must choose the other option. The standard kit has some glue and fixtures in it.

Also, check whether the manufacturers are providing a warranty with the boat pr not. It is important as you if there is some big damage then you don’t have to pay some extra pennies from your pocket.

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These are the whereabouts of the inflatable paddle board, which a person should know about. Now you must have sorted out your list of the requirement, which will help your selection process more easily. Also, decide on a board with a long-term life so that you don’t have to invest money in buying the board again and again.