Actual Madrid And Barcelona Gamers’ Matchday Shirts Will Quickly Promote As NFTs

Madrid And Barcelona Gamers

“I can’t get enough of these players,” said anybody who watched Real Madrid’s incredible Champions League comeback against Manchester City, or Barcelona’s stunning, unexpected triumph against Real in the most recent Clásico in Madrid.

Some tech-phobic Spanish soccer fans can now. Almost considering everything. La Liga has launched a new relationship with the burgeoning US online platform GreenPark Sports, which will allow users to buy non-fungible matchday jerseys from their favorite players. In the future, things may be available from a mobile business center, according to engineers. The application stores cryptographic money on the Ethereum blockchain.

The goal is to get fans inside the locker room by giving them access to virtual units from big games. There is undeniably a gaming component, with the web-based game League of Legends being part of the greater ‘fan world.’

“With this new license arrangement, we will give our fans the experience of experiencing La Liga while also being vital for GreenPark’s metaverse,” said La Liga CEO Oscar Mayo.

GreenPark questions how fans will pay for these games. So it’s still uncertain who will get them and how many. The point is that companies like Socios, which has been around for a long time, are benefiting from the business benefits of focusing on current, digital partners. Aside from helping collect useful items, taking part in fan challenges frequently comes with significant hazards.

Through the agreement with La Liga, fans may now own a piece of the current league champion Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, or any other top-flight team. Even with an NFT stating it’s real, what defines a valid, virtual Karim Benzema or Pedri jersey?

There is still demand these tokens, particularly among US fans, with NFTs like sports shirts and virtual fine arts commanding high prices. Conversely, as a stunning Erling Haaland collectible revealed, in-game shirts are more enticing than soccer cards. In the same way, shirts capture a certain match or performance in time, which fascinates NFT’minutes. It’s amazing to think of fans getting a piece.

This mechanical effort is appreciated by La Liga, a technologically advanced soccer competition. Away from its home market, the brand has partnered with several creative entities, including the acclaimed virtual trade game Sorare. So does Barcelona goalkeeper Gerard Piqué, for example. To communicate with fans and show off his off-field interests, Piqué has used Twitch to exhibit his skills.

With GreenPark’s La Liga tokens, fans can keep track of current and interesting players. With senior and young talent, Genuine Madrid won the Spanish league and will soon reach the Champions League final. Barcelona, meanwhile, is remodeling but has a promising young midfielder group. For Celta Vigo, Espanyol, and Copa del Rey champion Real Betis, this season’s top scorers have been Iago Aspas, Ral de Tomás, and Juanmi.