Amazon steps up to aid Ukraine

As part of its support for Ukraine, Inc is leveraging its logistics capabilities to bring supplies to those in need, as well as its cybersecurity skills to assist governments and businesses, according to Chief Executive Andy Jassy.

“Amazon stands with the people of Ukraine, and will continue to help,” Jassy stated “, following Russia’s invasion that Moscow has termed a “special operation.” The latest corporation to mobilise in offering relief is Amazon, which announced earlier this week that it will donate up to $10 million to humanitarian efforts.

Many governments have already implemented sanctions, cancelled partnerships, and barred Russians from using various tools, services, and events, and technology companies have followed suit.

Apple, for example, has halted all exports to Russia and restricted access to many of its services, including Apple Pay. Apple users outside of Russia are no longer able to access RT News and Sputnik, two Russian news outlets with close ties to the government.

Other large worldwide firms that have retaliated against the invasion include Netflix, Spotify, H&M, SAP, GM, Maersk, and Volvo.

After users throughout the world used the service to track the movement of forces and civilians on their ends, Google has chosen to temporarily block the tools featured in its Maps service that provide current information about traffic conditions in the country.

Russia has also been barred from using the international banking system Swift, causing the country’s fiat currency to plummet by more than 30%. The Russian government has been compelled to prohibit citizens from taking more than $10,000 out of the country as a result of the sanctions.