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Amazon Web Services Launches ‘Space Accelerator’
The Four Week Program to Help Space Startups Grow

Amazon Web Services (AWS) in partnership with Seraphim is offering an opportunity exclusively based on space industry. The companies are planning to provide business development and investment guidance to the space startups. The participants of this programs will be selected by AWS and Seraphim for a four week training session.

This training session is designed to help these start-ups with development, growth and to accelerate research. This program is open for all innovative space startups at different level of maturity. The program states, “Our program is unique compared to how accelerators traditionally operate. We welcome companies at all stages, from growth stage to series C and beyond. Each participating company determines its own individual goals and focus, too. During the program, the companies will benefit from both technical and commercial expertise at AWS, which will align with their challenges and objectives.”

This four week program will take place in June 2021. Both the companies, AWS and Seraphim, will select 10 companies to participate in this program. The selected start-up will be awarded with $100,000 in AWS Active credit, along with that they will be provided with mentoring from space domain, technical subject matter experts and will be provided with deep working experience working on AWS.

The main aim of this program is to offer guidance, technical and maintenance training and resources to space start ups around the globe using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The companies have laid down various qualifying missions which include, but are not limited to, earth observation, electronics and robotics, spacecraft launch and delivery, spacecraft hardware and software, launch manufacturing and launch operations and more said Amazon Web Services.

Image Credits: Seraphim Capital

Seraphim is a London based investment group which focuses on the space industry. They are the global leaders and provide expertise and capital to companies from the beginning till the end. Seraphim is backed by leading space corporates and international space agencies. Their investors in funds include Airbus, SES, Teledyne, Telespazio and SSTL

The partners include some really well known names such as Rolls Royce, Inmarsat, European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency. The company so far has supported over 50 SpaceTech companies. Along the same lines, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a cloud platform which offers over 200 fully featured services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) caters to a broad margin of customers including startups, large enterprises and also to government agencies. They provide full fledged service ranging from emerging technologies to machine learning, from artificial intelligence to data lakes and analytics; and internet of things (IoT).

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Seraphim have said that this program will help these startups solve one of the biggest challenges in the space industry with the help of AWS. The companies are specifically looking for companies working with space technology or space driven data. The companies must have clearly defined and unique mission.

According to a statement made by Clint Crosier currently serving as the Director of Aerospace and Satellite at AWS, he said that startups provide a catalyst for bold new experimentation in the space industry. ASW Space Accelerator is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) ongoing program to help startups succeed and also to shape the future of aerospace.

Along with this there are also many other space focused programs but they are not enough to cover the existing demands as there are a lot of space startups.







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