Sections Of Apple Employees Express Reluctance Working From Office
Sections Of Apple Employees Express Reluctance Working From Office

Apple Tracks 12 Different Types of Personal Data, While Google Tracks 39.

Apple only keeps the data required to keep users’ accounts active, the statement continues. This is so because, unlike Google, Twitter, and Facebook, their website is less dependent on advertising revenue.

The “data points” that Big Tech companies gather for each user, as described in the study, are not included in the report. However, it claims that they also comprise browsing history, activity on third-party websites, and, in the case of Google, emails sent and received through Gmail.

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Additionally, it doesn’t go into great detail about its approach, but it does mention that it looked at Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitter using marketing company digital information world.

Google purportedly keeps track of 39 different data points for each of these five users, compared to Apple’s 12. Unexpectedly, it is reported that Facebook only monitors 14 data points, compared to Amazon’s 23 and Twitter’s 24.

According to Edith Reads of, “the majority of individuals do not have the time or patience to read privacy regulations that can be several pages lengthy for each website they visit.” Users ultimately allow Google to gather all the data they require by accepting the conditions of the privacy policy.

Separately, Google was recently hit with a $40 million punishment by the Australian authorities for location tracking on Android.