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Argentina’s AFIP imposes restrictions on more than 30 different crypto wallets to recover debts

Argentina imposes restrictions on cryptocurrency wallets.

Crypto currency in widely trended all across the United States of America. Its no different in Argentina. Be it the new introduction of cryptocurrency, new operations of institutions dealing in cryptocurrency or new regulatory measures from the authoritative bodies of the country, everything in relation to cryptocurrency is a hot topic. According to the recent reports by local media, the news of the day is that, Argentina has imposed restrictions on more than 1,200 cryptocurrency wallets connected to delinquent tax payers.

As the use of cryptocurrencies increases, so are the laws and regulations that regulate them. Although it can be challenging, the crypto environment is always evolving, making it difficult to stay up to date with the laws in many international countries.

The tax authority in Argentina is seizing taxpayers’ digital wallets more regularly. Courts have ordered the seizure of 1,269 cryptocurrency wallets that belonged to people who owe money to Argentina’s AFIP, which upholds the nation’s tax and customs laws.

Argentina acts to recover the debt.

Argentina acts for debt recovery.

Picture Credits: Law Donut

Tax evasion is a concept not new in the financial sector. The concept of tax evasion is spread in all types of economies where the netizens try to avoid paying high taxes by either illegally storing the funds or diverting the funds for other causes. To curb the instance of tax evasion, AFIP by Argentina is an initial step in recovering the forgone taxes and clearing out the debts. The AFIP program is actively gaining control over the institutional digital assets. The program also lists the additional assets of the tax payers as a mode to recover the debt if the tax alone is not sufficient. In fact, 9,800 past-due taxpayers have been identified by the AFIP. The Justice Department will be asked by the AFIP to put embargoes on these virtual wallets.

The move by AFIP to seize money from 30 different crypto wallets.

The move by AFIP is surely going to seize money from more than 30 different crypto wallets, including Uala, Naranja X and many more. The tax authority’s first goal is the digital wallet provided by Mercadolibre, Mercado Pago, which enables creditors to store their money away from tax authorities.

Sebastián Dominguez of SDC Tax Advisors explains that even though the novelty suggests that the procedure is focusing on digital wallets because of their growth, it does not follow that the other assets are not possibly subject to embargos.




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