Atari Hotel

Atari Hotel’s Concept Art Shows Off a Futuristic, Cyberpunk-Style Hotel

Atari Hotel

Atari, the brand forever partnered with iconic games like the centipede and pong, is now soon going to be a theme for a game inspired hotel in Las Vegas and Arizona.

In the month of January, GSD Group, which is a strategy organization, has now announced that it had obtained all the rights with rules to build Atari hotels for video games in the USA.

GSD just few days back issued an update that says that the first hotels will be in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Arizona, moreover there were no timing details given.

There are also plans to build the future Atari hotels in Denver, Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, and Chicago.

The start of the construction for the Phoenix Hotel was planned for mid-2020. The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the schedules for all types of projects in the different industries, but on the other hand, GSD is still planning to build the hotels.

The global video game market is even projected to grow to 293 billion US dollars by the year 2027, following the record growth in 2020. Esports has also seen with a high surge in interest as some other entertainment options are unavailable or are slow to return. Some other companies are even trying to keep up with this trend, which includes an apartment with an esports lounge available in Las Vegas.

Take a look at the renderings for future Atari hotels from the design company Gensler.

  • The hotels will be designed with retro-futurism, nostalgia, and pop culture themes.
  • All guests can visit the themed restaurants and retro arcades with the help of classic Atari games.
  • Some locations will also have esports tournaments venues and studios and influences to produce the content.
  • Some of the new gaming innovations like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will also be available.