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Baazi Games to invest $5M in startups

Baazi Games revealed that it has now planned to pump in $5 million in the Indian gaming industry by investing in gaming startups and towards the development of technology.

“The investment is planned to take place during the next six months. The company will be looking to invest in innovative gaming startups and in developing the latest gaming technology,” it said in a statement.

Starting its journey with the poker gaming app PokerBaazi.com, Baazi Games in the last five years has gained a good market share and an expensive user base of more than three million while adding fantasy sports and rummy to its spectrum.

Commenting on the investment plans, Mr. Navkiran Singh, Founder and CEO, Baazi Games said, “Baazi Games has played a major role in revolutionising the way card games and fantasy sports are played in the country today. Our investment of $5 million in the Indian gaming industry will further catalyse the growth of the industry and pave way for newer innovations. With this vision, we hope to become a technology incubator in the industry and look forward to the bright future of gaming in India.”



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