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Baidu Earnings, Revenue Beat in Q3

Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) investigated Wednesday second from last quarter’s profit that beat experts’ figures and income that bested assumptions.

Baidu reported income per portion of 14.66 on the income of 31.92B. Examiners surveyed by Investing.com expected EPS of 12.96 on the income of 31.8B.

Baidu shares are down 20% from the start of the year, actually down 51.68% from its multi-week high of 354.44 sets on February 22. They are failing to meet the expectations of the Nasdaq which is up 23.94% from the beginning of the year.

Baidu follows other significant Communication Services area profit this month and here are the reactions from the people:



Baidu’s report follows a profit beat by Alphabet C on October 26, which revealed EPS of 27.99 on the income of 65.12B, contrasted with conjectures EPS of 23.83 on the income of 63.53B.

Letters in order A had beat assumptions on October 26 with second from last quarter EPS of 27.99 on the income of 65.12B, contrasted with an estimate for EPS of 23.73 on the income of 63.53B.

$BIDU three analysts asked about the opening of the internet in china and its impact for bidu – the news that caused a share price spike to $180 briefly, and mgmt confirms it is happening – over 1billion items searchable on bidu (mostly from $JD, not from $BABA ) Imo, this is the biggest news.



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