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Bangalore based startup FeedMyPockets rebrands to ‘Taskmo’, plans for a revolution in work fulfillment and recruitment

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have been witnessing lots of news about layoffs, funding crunches, and furloughs. But Feedmypockets, Bangalore based startup took this as a right time to Re-think, Re-innovate,  Re-transform and Re-brand their product by estimating the aftermath post COVID19. 

Post-COVID, businesses are going lean and many firms have lost supply chains due to lack of employees.  Even after lockdown, companies are facing difficulties in the supply chain and fulfilment. They figured out early that this problem would arise and hence they started building a framework to help enterprises and businesses in quick outsourcing and fulfilment.

In a short span of about 45-50 days in pandemic, FeedmyPockets rebranded and launched new product ‘Taskmo’. At Taskmo,Companies can outsource gig workers in  pay-based-task module or can hire gig workers for hourly- monthly and full time roles in Pay-per-hire module. 

What’s New?

“Not only that, at Taskmo we have introduced a skill matching algorithm that helps us to filter the task  pool. We have used digital KYC for the background check and AI driven training modules and  assessment. Geo based algorithms have been used to track the workers demographically”, Says Naveen Ram Founder at Taskmo. 

At Taskmo, companies can submit their fulfillment request in just 5 minutes and they can get the applicants in 5 hours!

Taskmo is win-win platform

Taskmo is win-win platform for both companies and gig workers as, 

  • Companies can lean their team size and yet outsource their work among distributed gig workers. Here  companies can only pay for the task they need. Gig workers will be benefited too, by earning for the  tasks they perform. 
  • Companies can go for either long term or flexible months hiring without the interview and follow up  hurdles. Here companies can pay either based on the months used or pay as a one time cost. Gig  workers are benefited with available instant jobs and digital training as well. 

“No sooner did we launch Taskmo, we started working with enterprises like Wipro, Amazon, Jio Mart, ITC, Udaan, Bigbasket, Yulu, Rapido, Bounce, Dunzo, Blackbuck, Grofers and many more. Today nearly a  million app users (gig workers) and 250+ companies have signed up with us. We also started recovering  our business to 70-80 % by august. We are expecting to reach more than 200% growth in next financial  year as companies are opening up and they all need fulfilment and supply chain support” , says Prashant Janadri, founder at Taskmo. 

Feedmypockets has persisted in the crisis and is thriving to take a digital-first approach in fulfilment and  supply chain solutions for businesses.



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