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Beerud Sheth’s Teamchat Provides Power Of Email & Whatsapp For Your Enterprise Needs !

Mr Beerud Sheth, CEO,  (Image Credits: startupnama.wordpress.com)

Mr Beerud Sheth, CEO, Webaroo
(Image Credits: startupnama.wordpress.com)

Messaging as a way of human communication has been around for as long as you can imagine. In the very recent past, with the advent of  mobile phones, SMS was one of the most widely used forms of communication. With the advent of smartphones and mobile data technology, every major company that we know of today is in the business of messaging in some form or another. Facebook with Facebook Messenger and the recent acquisition of Whatsapp,Google with Google hangouts,Microsoft with Microsoft Messenger and Skype. Messaging is truely becoming the primary way in which humans communicate in the world of technology. In such times enterprise messaging is a trend that is fast catching up globally.

Mr Beerud Sheth founded Webaroo in 2004 looking at the massive phenomenon that the mobile industry had given rise to. The first product that Webaroo came up with was GupShup, a cloud messaging platform that could send SMSs to your entire customer list and thereby manage all your customer communication through SMSs. The company sends about 3 billion messages  per month  today through the GupShup platform.

According to Mr Sheth, one of the biggest transformations in the history of technology happened when smartphones arrived in the market.Webaroo’s  has recently come up with its second product , the Teamchat platform, which is a Whatsapp type messenger for enterprises.


When it comes to enterprises, employee collaboration is extremely important for getting work completed successfully and also for successful decision making. To some extent,email and whatsapp does serve the purpose however the Teamchat app surely goes way ahead in making sure that team communication helps the project in a much more  definitive fashion. “Other popular modes of communication such as email and whatsapp do not really fulfill the requirement of an enterprise. While email suffers from a reply all problem thereby flooding your  inboxes, Whatsapp suffers from the problem of multiple small groups getting created everytime you want to start a new conversation. This is the problem that Teamchat solves for the enterprise,” says Beerud.

The Teamchat app allows you to select a specific number of people from the organization for a particular conversation. The beauty of Teamchat lies in the fact that the app allows you to send message bots to collect relevant information. For example, for taking poll on a particular topic, you can actually create a message bot having a webpage and a button at the bottom to click yes or no. In the end the sender will get to see only the results as to how many people voted yes and how many voted no. Everything right from form filling, to employee surveys to sales tracking to billing can be coordinated and relevant information can be collected via Teamchat. “All the data that you collect is useless if you cannot act upon it at the right time. The Teamchat app allows data to be collected in a structured manner. With Teamchat we are extending messaging to provide data at the right time and in the right manner,” says Beerud.

The company is currently providing Teamchat platform to 2000+ organizations across the globe and working with 30000+ users. The company however is currently in talks with some very big clients and expects this number to grow dramatically.

Beerud is a co-founder of Webaroo. Prior to Webaroo, Beerud founded Elance, the pioneer of the world’s largest online services marketplace. He played various leadership roles at different stages of the company’s growth, including developing product and business strategies, product management, marketing & business development, and remains on the board of directors. Prior to founding Elance, Beerud worked in the financial services industry; modeling, structuring, and trading fixed income securities and derivatives at Merrill Lynch and before that at Citicorp Securities.
Beerud strongly believes that in an age where screens are getting smaller and smaller each day (eg Apple Watch) technology needs to be invisible and needs to surface only when required. Users need not be informed about everything all the time but need to be informed of the relevant information at the earliest. He also believes that messaging and message bots are the future of technology. The next wave of innovation will happen in the messaging space with big players such as VChat already engaging in a lot of business functions in China. “Messaging is the next big platform that all businesses will move to in the future not only for customer engagement but also for operational activities. We are already seeing a lot of innovation in this space and the fact that a number of big acquisitions are happening in this space only reiterates this fact,” adds Mr. Beerud.



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