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Bira 91 Raises $4.3M funding from Sixth Sense Ventures

B9 Beverages, the owner of the beer company Bira 91, has now secured $4.3 Million in the fresh funding as a part of its Pre-Series C round from the Sixth Sense Ventures.

Sixth Sense Ventures was allotted five lakh Pre-Series C preference shares of INR 30 crore according to the report which has been revealed.

Bira 91 has now secured $74 Million in the funding so far from the angel investors which includes the Ritesh, Farhan, and Zoya as well as with the prominent names in the technology sector such as the Flipkart CTO Kalyan Krishnamurthy.

Paper.vc reveals that Bira 91 has now continued to raise the capital from the HNI’s despite bringing with the institutional investors just like the other startups. Sequoia Capital is one of the largest institutional investors in the company.

Source: Bira91



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