BYD Yuan Plus Has Arrived And Has Global Ambitions

BYD Blade battery-powered Yuan Plus officially launched

BYD Blade battery-powered Yuan Plus officially launched in China. It is a small all-electric crossover/SUV for five, first unveiled in August 2021. It is the second model launched by BYD, after BYD Dolphin. The second model is also based on BYD’s all-new e-platform 3.0. In addition to being powered by  BYD Blade Battery, it also has the latest Dragon Face 3.0 design.

BYD Yuan Plus Has Arrived And Has Global Ambitions
Image credits- InsideEVs

According to BYD, the Yuan Plus design takes inspiration from the beauty of music and the spirit of athleticism to bring you a driving experience that will awaken your wildest dreams.” There are many music-related details inside, including door pockets.

Initially, the BYD Yuan Plus was available for pre-order in China since January 1, 2022. According to the company, more than 20,000 pre-orders were placed at that time. It is being offered in two versions,

  • 49.92 kWh: 144,274-151,274 CNY ($22,809-$23,916)
    (after subsidies: 131,800-138,800 CNY or $20,837-$21,944)
  • 60.48 kWh: 154,274-172,274 CNY ($24,390-$27,235)
    (after subsidies: 141,800-159,800 CNY or $22,418-$25,263)

Here, the difference between the entry-level trims of each battery version is 10,000 CNY ($1,581). It is mostly associated with the additional energy capacity of 10.56 kWh. This means that 1 kWh more cost roughly 947 CNY ($150). Furthermore, the BYD Blade Battery has an energy density of about 140-150 Wh/kg, according to certain reports.

Global plans

The BYD Yuan Plus was developed with global ambitions in mind. The company has already confirmed the launch in Australia (pre-sales began on February 19, with an estimated delivery time in July 2022) and in Singapore (in Q2 2022). In Australia, the car has a different name – ATTO3, “ATTO, in the name, is inspired by the Attosecond, the smallest time scale unit in physics, which means ATTO 3 is speedy, energetic, and dynamic.”

It is known that the price in Australia starts from 44,990 to 47,990 AUD, depending on the battery version. Also, the car is covered by a 7-year warranty and has a separate 7-year or 160,000 km (100,000 miles) warranty on the battery. In Australia, the car comes with the CCS Combo 2 charging inlet (for both 1- or 3-phase charging using AC Type 2 plugs, or CCS2 DC fast charging). It implies that BYD is ready to comply with local standards and basically without additional changes, can export the car also to Europe.

While not a household name to all and sundry, BYD is a giant in the ‘new energy vehicle’ space, which as well as cars produces electric buses and even batteries for other companies. Warren Buffett is a major shareholder. EVDirect is part of a company called Nexport, part of the TrueGreen Group investment fund. It claims BYD has established an Australia-focused line at one of its factories in China and plans to commence production of the first 15,000 cars for this market.

Credits- Inside EVs