Electrify America Presents "The Charging Station of the Future, Today"

Charging station of the future by Electrify America in the US

Electrify America is presenting a charging station of the future that has customer-focused design evolution of the infrastructure. The enhancements come as the company has already established 730 charging stations in the US and 2,400 CCS charging stalls. The next-generation stations come with solar wings and more on-site battery energy storage systems.

Electrify America Presents "The Charging Station of the Future, Today"
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The network, which currently operates more than 730 stations in the U.S. (and over 2,400 CCS charging stalls, plus some CCS-CHAdeMO and AC Level 2), would like to improve the design of the stations, as well as introduce next-generation chargers, add solar awnings and more onsite battery energy storage systems. The new vision – called The Charging Station of the Future, Today – was presented in a collection of images that highlight new design and comfort elements such as solar canopies and awnings, customer waiting areas, and other customer-focused services at select locations.

The website states, “The company plans to showcase this transition with installation in 2022 and 2023 in select new flagship charging facilities in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego and Beverly Hills, California and in New York within Manhattan and Brooklyn. Currently, the company has flagship charging stations located in Baker, California, and Santa Clara, California. ”

The experience

The new vision includes new features and bigger stations, with up to 20 individual chargers. It includes customer lounges, electric vehicle showcase areas, dedicated event space. Also, overhead solar canopies shield customers from the sun and inclement weather. Has on-site security cameras and additional lighting. Further has charging stations located at select shopping locations may offer valet charging and a curbside delivery option.

The company announced that it is currently adding solar awnings to 400-500 individual chargers at 100 charging stations to provide shelter from the sun and weather elements as well as generate some additional electricity. Solar canopies were already installed at the flagship charging stations in Baker and Santa Clara, California. According to the press release, the power level will still be up to 150 and 350 kW, but the charger’s design was redesigned with functional and design features to simplify the customer experience. Stated as

The next-generation charger will also feature:

  • An all-new design that refines the look and reduces the footprint of the charger
  • A recessed and brighter HMI (human-machine interface) screen to help reduce the glare from sunlight making it easier for customers to view the operational instructions and charging progress
  • A single connector cable with an all-new cable management system to ease the effort to plug in the cable no matter where the charging port resides on a customer’s  EV
  • A reduced footprint of both the charger and power cabinets will allow the installation of more equipment in space-constrained, urban locations.

Features from – Inside EVs