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Comparium- The Best Cross Browser Test Tool in 2021


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Are you a website developer and need to perform Cross Browser Testing on an everyday basis? If yes, then you are in luck because today, I will tell you about the best Cross-Browser Test tool in 2021.

For those of you who don’t know, Cross Browser Testing is non-functional testing that lets a website developer check whether his website works as intended when accessed through different modern-day browser Operating System combinations i.e., on popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. The testing is also conducted across browsers on popular Operating Systems like macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

For someone who is a software developer, Cross Browser Testing can be the most tedious task, even more than coding down the website. The task is so time-intensive and tedious that software developers usually hire a software tester to do this job for them but thanks to Cross-Browser Test tools available online, the efforts required for this task are minimized substantially.

Comparium: A powerful tool in testing browser compatibility

Speaking of Cross Browser Testing tools available in the market, software developers select the browser compatibility tool depending on their needs. There are hundreds of tools available online, some are free while others are paid; on testing the top 10 Cross-Browser Test tools, there is one that checks all boxes, Comparium.

Comaprium, a tool for check website compatibility, is the best cross-browser test tool available in the market as of 2021. It is an easy-to-use tool that is aimed at running cross-browser compatibility tests on different browser and OS platforms. The platform offers the best results in overall testing as compared to other cross-browser test tools available online.

The platform offers taking screenshots of web resources with multiple varied combinations of Operating Systems and browsers, comparing the obtained results in automatic and manual modes, and ultimately running live real-time tests for optimum results. Comparium is known for introducing new features regularly unlike several other tools available online. The testing routine with Comparium is minimal and this is one reason that software testers and software developers love using its services.


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Comparium: Features

1. Check Browser Compatibility across OSes and browsers:

Comparium is the most convenient website compatibility test platform that supports all modern browsers across all Operating Systems. Users can select between four screenshot comparison modes or get optimum results from the automatic error detection mode. Comparium makes sure that your website looks universal across all web browsers as intended by you regardless of platform and device.

2. Live Testing Tool:

Comparium’s live browser testing tool allows users to run real-time tests to check the compatibility and functional behavior of their website across browser and OS configurations for an optimized look and feel, as intended. The real-time test tool ensures the smooth functioning of your projects in any environment.

3. Full-page screenshot testing:

The Browser Screenshot testing tool allows users to capture full-page screenshots across compatible browsers and resolutions simultaneously to find inconsistencies within minutes. This tool by Comparium is most effective to verify User Interface responsiveness.

4. Test on virtual browsers:

Comaprium’s virtual browser allows software testers to check website compatibility in a virtual environment. Simply launch the tool to experience compatible virtual browsers to test your website without installing any of them on your system. Comaprium supports virtual browser testing, making the process super-efficient for software developers.

5. Visual testing tool:

The Visual Testing Tool in Comparium allows testers to use the system’s built-in screen size simulator to detect any inconsistencies and make appropriate changes to your web pages as required.

Comparium: Browser Emulator

Browser Emulator is a premium feature offered by Comparium wherein users can simplify their testing routine and enable launching tests in real-time. It is a powerful in-built service with a wide range of different Operating Systems and Browser combinations available to testers that allow executing website browser compatibility tests. This tool lets testers check the behavior and functionality of their website and all web pages associated with it, in the browser and OS of their choice without having to install any of them on their device.


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Comparium: Website Resolution Tester

Website testing is a very crucial step involved in the process of building and launching a website. Software testers have to check every tiny detail during this testing and that too across multiple browsers across several Operating Systems. Comparium is a lifesaver in this process, a simplified tool that makes this process substantially less tedious and time-saving. Quicker loading time and responsive pages contribute to higher conversions in the overall testing and Comparium is a powerful tool to run cross-browser testing.

Browser Resolution Test diagnoses key problems about your website or webpage and Comparium offers this service for free to its users. Another premium feature that makes the entire process a lot easier, assisting the software tester to find minor inconsistencies in the website.

Screen resolution plays a key role in optimizing your website across multiple browsers and OSes and Comaprium’s Website Resolution Tester ticks all the boxes in the processes that go on behind the screens. The fact is that screen resolution can vary for different devices but the clarity and sharpness of an image don’t necessarily depend on higher pixel density. There are factors such as screen size that come into consideration.

Running a website and ensuring its compatibility on different devices requires a screen resolution tester that ensures a responsive website that will run efficiently across multiple devices. This test involves testing how different screen resolutions react on your website and to maintain an optimum viewer experience across devices, software testers need to run a website resolution test. Comparium offers the best in the market with advanced features and analytics that a software tester would need in order to optimize the website for different platforms.

Comparium will offer your rich data so you can know the inconsistencies in your website and you can then make the appropriate changes to make your website layout stand out and perform across all major web browsers on all compatible Operating Systems. The paramount factors in providing a smooth user experience are website screen resolution and screen size for website design. Comparium’s Website Resolution Tester saves you time and offers both of these features in one place.


So, if you are a software developer and wish to automate your cross-browser testing process to save time and effort then Comparium is the best Cross-Browser testing tool available online. The overall efficiency and support that the platform brings into your workspace are substantial. Comparium is a simple tool that is powerful enough for cross-browser tests. Its compatibility and features are highly recommended by software testers that are currently using the tool to optimize their workflow. Thus, Comparium is the best Cross-Browser Testing tool available online.










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