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Creator monetisation platform, TagMango raises ₹5.5 Cr in Seed round from Y Combinator & others

TagMango is a monetisation platform that provides content creators with professional tools to set up paid communities by offering one-time or subscription-based services.

Recently, the platform has announced to raise funds worth INR 5.5 crore in Seed funding round which was led by start-up accelerator- Y Combinator along with XRM Media, Pioneer Fund, co-founder of Twitch- Kevin Lin and angel investors from the United States and UAE.


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Content creators on the internet are increasing by the day and brands are paying some good bucks to those who have high reach, higher following on social media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook. TikTok was also on the list until it got banned in India.

The Indian creator ecosystem is showing a lot of potential and the growth rate with which they are approaching is phenomenal. Brands on the other hand are strategizing to leverage social media platforms and capitalise on the potential of Indian content creators.

TagMango targets the content creator space in India by providing the creators and influencers with sophisticated monetisation tools, mediums and features so that they can build a sustainable financial income source.

The Mumbai-based start-up was founded last year, in 2019 by Mohammad Hasan and Divyanshu Damani who created this business with a vision to connect brands and businesses with nano-creators and influencers who have a phenomenal following on social media platforms.

Today, the company has over 3, 000 creators onboard, out of which 50 creators are enjoying a reach of over a million followers and about 200 creators in the bracket of over one hundred thousand followers across multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.

When asked about their funding, the company mentions that this latest infusion of funds will be utilised in building advanced technological capabilities and expanding its ever-growing content creator base. In addition to this, the company highlighted the fact that TagMango will work keeping India and Indian creators at the centre of their operations.

The platform provides content creators and social media influencers with a ready table to monetise their audiences. There are many creators out there and new ones coming up every single day asking the same single question- How do we monetise our content? and TagMango provides the answer with professional tools and features like one-on-one chat with creators, community hangouts, video chats etc.

This allows the creator to build a loyal following by having meaningful engagement with them in multiple ways as the platform provides.

TagMango team

Source: Ankur Bharat

TagMango founders, Mohammad Hasan and Divyanshu Damani mentioned in a statement,

“We deeply understand the passion that drives our tribe but more often than not it’s not coupled with avenues to sustain a living. Today with access to the internet and smartphones penetrated across the nooks and corners of Bharat, anyone can dream to be a creator and curate a community. We at TagMango are on a mission to turn their dreams into an ambitious career empowering them with content monetization tools and a platform to foster lasting communities. With these funds, we are looking to build more and more features, hire top talent, and onboard the biggest creators that are in India and not just restrict ourselves to tier I cities but also tier II and tier III cities,” as reported by entrepreneur.com






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