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Aevum’s Ravn X is the world’s largest 28-ton autonomous drone

Aevum’s Ravn X is the world’s heaviest autonomous drone and weighs at around 55,000 pounds. The drone is capable of dropping rockets in mid-air and shooting small satellites into the lower Earth’s orbit. The US Air Force was also impressed by the marvelous accomplishment and actually signed a contract with Aevum to fly a satellite mission in 2021. The company’s founder also said that they want to launch satellites in just three hours of receiving them.

More about Aevum’s Ravn X

Ravn X is quite a marvelous engineering piece, being 80 feet long, 18 feet tall, and having a wingspan of 60 feet. And though it is not the largest, it is the heaviest autonomous drone, including the rocket’s weight. The technology behind the flight of the drone isn’t something new or out of the box. Ravn X runs on a common kerosene-based fuel called the Jet-A says the CEO of the company.

Aevum's Ravn X

Image Source: Aevum

The time and effort that the CEO of the company has put behind the drone is outstanding. Jay said that it took him and his team over 5 years to get the design of the drone right. And even prior to that he put his thoughts about building it for at least 10 years. But since his idea was new it found a lot of resistance from the startups he worked in, and so he finally got to work on it himself with some colleagues.

The Ravn X doesn’t need even a launchpad. All it requires is a one-mile-long runway and a hangar. Once the drone reaches the right altitude the rocket can drop and ignite itself within half-a-second and propel a satellite of 100 kgs to lower Earth orbit.

What makes Aevum different from other similar startups?

There are a lot of startups that have wanted to gain the market share of the small launch industry. But Aevum was able to get the US Air Force contract because of its claim that it can get a satellite into orbit within 3 hours. Plus, their software has matured enough to cut down their staff considerably. Everything is automated and so they need around 10% of the staff that is typically required for launches. Adding to this the CEO of the company said, “We are not just a launch company – I can’t emphasize that enough,”

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