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Delhi HC Rejects Facebook’s Plea Challenging CCI’S probe into Whatsapp’s 2021 Privacy Policy

According to recent reports, Delhi HC has rejected Facebook’s plea that challenged CCI’S probe into Whatsapp’s 2021 privacy policy. Read the entire article to learn more about this news story.

About the plea

As per various reports, the privacy policy of WhatsApp and Facebook has been under the radar for a long time because its breaches the competition norms and user privacy policy. While noting that the plea by Facebook has already been dismissed by the division bench, Justice Yashwant Varma said in the court that there has to be some end to the “luxury to litigate.” “With all due respect, you suddenly wake up now and challenge the order. Enough is enough. There has to be some end to luxury to litigate,” Justice Varma said.“There has to be a prima facie case which directs the Director General to cause any investigation.”I am aggrieved by the clubbing order. The allegations made are exactly the same. I am a subsidiary but not involved in any policy-making,” senior advocate Parag Tripathi, representing Facebook India, said. There have many arguments raised by WhatsApp, one of them being that their privacy policy has been suspended until the new data protection bill is introduced, therefore, no one can investigate their privacy policy. The data protection bill that was in India for a long time has been put away by the government and they are planning to introduce a new data protection bill. Facebook also raised arguments stating that there was not enough prima facie material for the investigation to go on. CCI said that the investigation will go on as the new privacy has not been taken back by the apps.

Meta Asks Its Employees To Find New Opportunities

About Meta

Meta is the parent company of Facebook and also owns Whatsapp and Instagram. If you don’t know much about it, this article will give you an idea. Meta is headed by Mark Zuckerberg and the aim of this company is to bridge the gap between different communities through its services. It provides a platform for people to express themselves in the most creative way possible. It is a safe space where people can unleash their true selves and be appreciated for it. The company has a lot of regulations and rules about the content being posted. The company aims to make people’s lives better by makes making it easier for them to connect with others. With the use of modern technology and skilled employees, the company aims to create a secure, safe, and fun platform for people to engage and explore themselves.




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