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Download FilmPlus APK on Android (Best HD Movies App)

Streaming services are getting popular nowadays. They are available on various platforms, but they have some demerits. One of them is the subscription. They offer their services at a particular rate after the expiry of the free trial, which generally lasts for 7 days. Now, a question arises, are there any alternatives, to those services? A straight answer to this question is FilmPlus.

It is available for all movie and series lovers, who do not want to spend money on subscriptions to streaming platforms. It is available for various platforms and has various features that make it a suitable alternative for several well-known streaming apps. So, today we will look at some of the features that make it a worthy contender and some steps that you need to follow to install this app on your device.

Steps to Install the FilmPlus App on your device

The app is available for various platforms like Android, Roku, Windows, and even Amazon. But the app is most popular on Android devices, so today, we will look at the steps, that one needs to follow to install the app on an Android device. The steps are given below in a sequential manner for your convenience: –

  • Go to the app for settings.
  • Tap on security.
  • Tap on unknown sources.
  • Confirm the warning message.
  • Download the app from the FilmPlus APK from this official source.
  • Now, go to the folder where the FilmPlus app is present.
  • Tap on the app apk file for installation.
  • Tap on install.

After the installation is complete, the screen will show you the confirmation message. Now, the app is installed on your device. Now, you can use the app to watch your favourite content.


FilmPlus has several features, which keep on increasing after every update. The app also receives regular updates, which keep it stable and running on various platforms without any hindrance. Some of its noteworthy and attractive features are: –

  • Content of various genres is available on the app

This app has a huge database of various contents. The contents fall under two major and distinct categories, namely movies and series. But the content, that you will see on this app is not hosted by them. The content is streamed using links from various other file hosting sites

  • Subtitles for the videos

There is also an option for subtitles for the videos on the app. It will make life easier for those, who like to watch the content of various languages.

  • High-quality content

App offers its content in high quality. The app also gets various new content regularly. 

  • No advertisements

The app does not have any advertisements. This issue is not present in most streaming apps nowadays.

  • Download option for the content

In this app, you also have the option to download the content on your device. It will remove the necessity of the internet to watch any content.

  • Filtering option

This app also has the option to auto-play the content from the best available link. It removes the step to search and individually click and verify the best link manually.

  • Notifications related to your favourite content

This app has the option to give you notifications regarding the latest content, as well as the content which you can add to your watch list or wish list.

  • Smooth interface

This app also has a smooth and interactive interface. The users will find it easy to navigate through the app for their favourite content.

So, these are some of the features that make the FilmPlus app a great alternative to some popular apps. The features keep on increasing with every update and the developer will keep surprising you with useful options in the app.


Q 1. Which is the latest version of the FilmPlus apk for Android?

Ans. The app gets regular updates for all the platforms that it supports. Currently, the latest version for Android is 1.5.4.

Q 2. Is the FilmPlus apk for Android legal?

Ans. The streaming apps like this, get banned from time to time. It depends on the law in your area, whether these apps are allowed or not. But for the safe side, you can use VPN for these apps.

Q 3. Does this app offer an ad-free experience?

Ans. This app offers an ad-free experience to the users. You will have no issues, related to ads while watching content on this app.


So, these are a few points that you can consider while choosing FilmPlus as the best app for streaming your favourite content. The app will also offer you the latest content, from time to time so that you can never miss out on the latest entertainment content. So, go ahead and try this app now.

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