Drako Dragon: A new 1.9-sec 0-60 mph electric hypercar in a luxury SUV format

Drako Motors new electric hypercar can accelerate to 60mph in 1.9-sec

Drako Motors announces its new electric hypercar in an SUV format. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds and also deliver luxury.  Back in 2019, the company delivered its first vehicle- the Drako GTE. It was a limited-production all-electric supercar with incredible specifications.

Drako Dragon: A new 1.9-sec 0-60 mph electric hypercar in a luxury SUV format
Image credits- Electrek

The company is based in San Jose and is founded by Dean Drako, known as CEO and co-founder of Barracuda Networks. Shiv Sikand is another founder, an electric engineer, and co-founder of IC Manage. The chassis of the Fisker Karma was repurposed to create electric vehicles. However, using the existing chassis resulted in some limitations. Despite that, the real product, GTE was impressive with four motors and each motor capable of +225kW to 225 kW.

Later in 2020, the Drake GTE was tested with Valentino Balboni and Electrek. Balboni is the legendary Lamborghini test driver. When they were behind the Drako vehicle wheel, it was impressive. The drive was on the Thermal Club race track outside of Palm Springs. The capacity to send so much positive or negative torque at each wheel is game-changing. The vehicle felt like a railgun on the race track even when cornering hard.

Building new Hypercar

Drako always only planned to build two dozen Drako GTEs for over $1 million each, but we suspected that the program was basically just a super expensive test bed for their impressive powertrain, which would then end up in a new electric vehicle.

The company describes the vehicle in a press release. “Engineered in Silicon Valley and designed and crafted in Italy, the stunning, all-electric Drako Dragon takes electric hypercars to the next level. Designed and built to redefine the way the world thinks about automotive performance, style, and luxury, the Dragon is an entirely new kind of hypercar–one that wasn’t possible until now.”

Dragon becomes the first vehicle designed and engineered from the ground up by Drako – more specifically by chief designer Lowie Vermeersch and his Italian GranStudio team when it comes to the design. Vermeersch is most famous for being credited with the designs of vehicles like the Ferrari 458 Italia and Maserati GranCabrio, but most recently he has also been behind some electric vehicles. Drako is not fully unveiling the Dragon just yet.

Dracko Motors
Image credits- Electrek


t is a super sleek-looking SUV with gull-wing doors. “The cabin is wrapped in Europe’s finest, most sumptuous leather, exuding luxury and comfort, with a unique layout and easy ingress/egress. But more than just looking and feeling great, the 5-seat cabin is designed without compromise on its functionality, offering world-class passenger comfort and space and ample luggage capacity in addition to world-beating luxury and performance.”