Dunzo by Afaqs

Dunzo Continues Their Pride Celebration in July
The campaign delivers the message that the conversations around the LGBTQ+ community shouldn't be contained to only June

The month of June has been universally adopted as the month to celebrate the LGBT community, celebrate their strength to come out and live their life, and spread awareness of the group.

The movement has become so popular that companies all across the world, and even companies like Google, Apple, and McDonalds celebrate the community by giving discounts, hosting events, and even coming out with limited edition products that showcase the multi coloured pride flag.

However, once the month of June passes, the community is pushed back, and companies move on as if nothing happened and daily operations continue as if its yet another normal day.

Now, Dunzo, a quick commerce start-up company based in India has come to initiate a new campaign which they call ‘Make room for more pride’. The company released an animated video on their social media platforms, including their YouTube channel to let people know that we should al celebrate pride and the community, the entire year. Well, being in the LGBT community is not restricted to just a single month, but its part of people’s life and it will continue to be a major aspect of their lives until they exhale their last ever breath.

The video that they released a 90 second animated film that incorporates both 2D and 3D styles of animation and even has features from Jasmeet and Careline Ringraj who are the mascots of Dunzo who are part of the LGBT community.

Dunzo LGBT by Afaqs

The video starts off with the characters partying in a room filled with colours and music. As a couple walks to the next room, they become black and white and realise that the room is also colourless and lifeless and they wonder what is going on. But when they walk back into the previous room, they get back their colours and they see everyone continuing to party and dance to the music.

The couple notifies another person in the party, and that character gets on the chair to announce to the people about the lifeless room next door and everyone works together to push down the wall so that the colours and music can spread all over.

The camera pans out and we come to realise that each room is actually a month, and colours and music flood to all the other ‘months’ once the walls are broken which is a great metaphor. The video showcases that June shouldn’t be the only month to celebrate the community and everything they represent.