Evetta As An Italian Pizza Delivery EV That's Adorable

Electric brand Evetta EV looks straight out of a Pixar movie

The electric brand Evetta EV looks like a button with a box. It is a pizza delivery van, that is like the cute cars from fiat models. It enters into the electric vehicle segment with a Germanic flavor. Looks straight out of a Pixar movie.

Evetta As An Italian Pizza Delivery EV That's Adorable
Image credits- Alwepo

The Evetta can be configured in various ways, claims the manufacturer. It flaunts a front-opening door with a steering wheel and other controls mounted on it, a large windscreen with a single wiper unit, circular headlights mounted above the front wheel arches, round ORVMs, steel wheels with full-size covers, and tiny circular taillights. It has a dedicated cargo area that can be configured as per requirement.

The Evetta draws power from an electric motor linked to a 16.2kWh battery pack. The power figures have not been disclosed by the brand. The EV has a claimed range of up to 234km on a single charge. The interiors of the Evetta have not been revealed yet. However, we expect the EV to get a two-seater cabin with a single bench-type seat, a minimalist dashboard design, an electric steering wheel mounted on the door, and a circular digital instrument cluster. It should likely feature a drive-by-wire system, and the safety of the passengers will be ensured by pre-tensioned seatbelts, among others.

Other features

German automaker Electric Brands has started taking pre-orders for the Evetta micro-EV. It carries a price tag of €19,540 in Europe. Deliveries are scheduled to commence by the summer of 2023. Evetta will sell three versions of the bubble car. The Prima is the new Karo, with a closed body and a single door in front of the vehicle. It will start at €19,540 ($19,857 at the current exchange rate), way more than the Microlino 2.0 (€14,990 in Germany, or $15,234).

The Evetta website informs that the vehicles will be distributed by several European retailers, 115 of them only in Germany. They are the same ones available for the XBUS. For a company with no products to deliver so far, that’s intriguing. However, the Evetta button pizza delivery van will be made available in both commercial and non-commercial battery capacity of 16.2 kWh. It allows it to run around 234 km range on a single charge. If the small pizza delivery vehicle to has the same specifications, the EV should be able to complete all its deliveries within the city. The manufacturer claims to have set a target of delivery commencement for the Evetta by the Summer of 2023. The firm’s preciously introduced vehicle includes a cute little truck called the Xbus in 2021.