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Elon Musk passes 100 million followers on Twitter

CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc. Elon Musk on Monday passed a milestone for his Twitter account. Elon Musk became one of the most-followed people on the microblogging websites by passing 100 million followers.

After passing the 100 million figures, Elon Musk is the sixth most-followed account on Twitter.

Accounts above Elon Musk

Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, is leading the chart with 132.1 million followers. Followed by pop singer Justin Bieber (114.1 million), Katy Perry (108.8 million), Barbadian singer Rihanna (106.9 million) and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (101.3 million).

Even though Elon Musk passed a milestone, he did not pass anyone to become the 5th most followed account. Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is just ahead of him. Ronaldo is the most followed person on Instagram, which is owned by Meta Platforms Inc.

Currently, Elon Musk has more followers than Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Co-Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates.

The Beginning

According to media reports, Musk started his Twitter account in June 2009. First, the official tweet is believed to be on June 4th 2010 when Musk tweeted “Please ignore prior tweets, as that was someone pretending to be me 🙂 This is actually me,”

Since then, he increased his following on Twitter by making starting announcements and witty jokes about social and political situations.

He used his Twitter account to promote businesses and even announced some major business deals on Twitter in form of colloquial tweets.

Through his Twitter account, he announced his plans for colonizing Mars and other ventures. He also supported the Republican Party in the USA during election years.

His one tweet about transgender is believed to be a factor in which his transgender daughter decided to cut all ties with Elon Musk by changing her name and identity.

Twitter Acquisition Deal

On April 4th, Elon Musk bought a 9.2% stake in Twitter for 2.9 billion dollars. Ten days later, on April 14th, the founder of SpaceX put an offer to buy a 100% stake in Twitter for 54.20 dollars per share. The deal was entirely worth 43.4 billion dollars.

On April 25th, the Twitter board decided to take the offer presented by Elon Musk. Even though the board was not ready at first, it eventually caved in.

The deal is currently on hold due to Musk’s allegations that Twitter has more than 5% of spam accounts, and Elon has requested the Twitter board to share with him the data about accounts.

His other tweet complaining density of spam ads on the video starting platform YouTube sparked a debate on whether he is planning to buy YouTube or not.






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