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Elon Musk unleashes his bizarre sense of humor yet again as he takes a jibe at rival Lucid Motors

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

It is about time that we make it official that Elon Musk’s brain is wired quite differently from normal humans. You see his tweet and think that it is the limit of unabashed audacity, and then pops up another one that raises the bar of preposterousness to the next level. Musk’s recent tweet proves yet again that the billionaire acts first, and then thinks (or not). In the tweet, Musk takes a dig at rival Lucid Motors for their poor production levels. While occasional banter between rivals is quite natural, what makes this particular tweet different is the fact that Musk confidently flexes something that was nothing short of controversy. Take a look at the tweet, and get ready to let out a sigh of disbelief.

Yes. He is actually talking about the number of kids he fathered across the globe, and there is not even a hint of embarrassment. Talk about self-confidence conquering new heights of audacity.

To Be Elon Musk

Although we don’t have time for a psychoanalytic approach to understand the weird workings of the billionaire’s brain, it is safe to say that the man is unbelievable. Because it does take some skill to flex what is considered a black mark on his record as a sign of victory. Fortunately or unfortunately, Tesla’s rival, Lucid Motors ended up at the receiving end of Musk’s questionable humor, thanks to the poor production levels in the second quarter. It is about time somebody reminded Musk that respect for rivals is still not out of vogue.

Despite being used to Musk’s odd sense of humor, Twitterati was still taken aback by the tweet. While some of them responded with humor that aligned with Musk’s, others did not find it quite funny. Let us flip through some of the tweets and responses.


Musk isn’t wrong after all.


Well, he asked for it.

Can’t completely disagree with that.

Please tell me that it’s sarcasm.

Doesn’t seem like Math is his strongest point

Contradicting oneself every now and then is an art Musk has mastered with brilliance.




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