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Data Driven Marketing by eMart Solutions !


The Father of Advertising, David Ogilvy, once said “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.” In times of today, with so much data available, so many marketing channels and so much competition, this has become more relevant than ever. eMart Solutions, India’s leading loyalty services company, is creating a new benchmark in the world of marketing by helping marketers test their brand’s interactions with consumers by combining information, data, intelligence analysis on a single platform.

eMart, through their SaaS based proprietary technology platform, FirstHiveTM, works by creating a complete ecosystem necessary for effective marketing of the brand. Firstly, the platform captures all the data coming to the enterprise at all times and in all formats. The data is then represented in the form of interactive dashboards and reports to the marketers. This helps them understand how their brand is performing across various channels and with this, is the ROI of each marketing investment.

Looking at the data insights, eMart works along with markets to come up with the best customer loyalty programs and consumer campaigns across online and offline channels.

The company believes that with FirstHiveTM, brands are able to remove all the irrelevant spends on marketing and this is what helps them improve ROI. Till date, the company has serviced 5 million users through various campaigns. Started in July 2009, eMart today works with more than 210 clients including some of the well known Fortune 500 companies. The 150 strong eMart team operates out of three locations – Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

In the digital era that we live in now, marketing is more and more focused on digital channels. The offline channels of marketing seem to have been forgotten. In such times, eMart’s omni-channel marketing solutions across online, offline and voice media, is what differentiates them from the rest of their peers.

eMart Solutions was co-founded by Aditya Bhamidipaty  in July of 2009.

In 2009 there were too many people asking the question – What do we do of the data ?


Aditya Bhamidipaty , CEO of eMart Solutions

says Aditya, an IIM-A grad, who was then working as a Business Development Manager with iGate in London. His work with iGate and previously with P&G had given him some insights into the world of marketing. The understanding about data has matured in the industry in the last five years. The business pitches for us have evolved from ‘This is why you need big data’ to ‘This is how we can convert your data into incremental revenue.’

Aditya today is the CEO of eMart. The leadership team today comprises of Sanjaya Sarangi who is the VP of Products and Technology, Vishal Sukheja, AVP of Marketing and a sizeable bunch of other industry experts.

The size of the Indian market is what had interested Aditya and had brought him back to his homeland. And even today, after acquiring a sizable amount of high profile customers in the country, India still remains a top priority for eMart

In India, market acquisition happens when you are relevant to customers. Our strong product that has driven ROI for our customers is what has led to our success in the Indian market says Aditya. Product and market expansion are the top priorities that the company will focus on in the coming few months. The company is continuously working towards making sure that the product is supporting the entire ecosystem necessary to drive ROI for a brand. The product is being modified to support customers across multiple verticals.

eMart’s FirstHiveTM platform is currently also being modified to support multi-lingual, multi-currency transactions. This new platform will be ready by end of June and the company will then focus on expanding into the global markets.

The power of data has changed the way brands look at marketing and advertising and has therefore changed the way enterprises deals with these functions.  30 years ago, there was one single message that brands gave out to all their users. The only data that was available then was that of marketing spend and revenues generated. Then there came the time when enterprises knew all the transactions of the product .However today we live in a time where enterprises not only know the transactions but also know the users behind these transactions. Proliferation of channels, social media and digitization presents a huge opportunity for marketers to reach their customer. And in this world of omni-channel marketing, eMart is correctly positioned at the right place and at the right time.





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