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No Significant Improvement In Employability Of Engineers In Last 5 Years: Aspiring Minds National Employability Report 2015-16

  • More than 80% of engineers in India continue to be unemployable
  • Delhi continues to produce the highest number of employable engineers followed by Bangalore and the West
  • Kerala and Orissa enter the top 25 percentile list of most employable states while Punjab and Uttarakhand drop to the 2nd and 3rd quartile

The employability outcome of Indian engineers sees no massive progress as over 80% engineers continue to be unemployable reveals Aspiring Minds’ latest National Employability Report. The first large scale study on employability was done in 2011 but there is no significant improvement in the last five years. The report is based on a study of more than 150,000 engineering students from 650+ engineering colleges who have graduated in 2015 across the country.

The National Employability Report in its 5th edition has gone a step further as for the first time, the data has been released in a dynamic interface. The new format of the report is concise and offers deeper insights through interactive graphs and tables. The reader also has the option to filter data based on their requirement for eg: by gender, branch of study, tier of city etc.

Varun Aggarwal, CTO Aspiring Minds said, “Engineering has become the de-facto graduate degree for a large chunk of students today. However, along with improving the education standards, it is quintessential that we evolve our undergraduate programs to make them more job centric. With powerful Government initiatives like Make in India and Skill India gaining momentum, we hope the National Employability Report 2015 will provide significant insights around the quality of talent in India and help in steering the youth towards job readiness. The innovative interface of the report is the result of our dedicated efforts in research and analytics for a much deeper and effective analysis of the growing job skills gap.”

Employability across States:



Table 1: States categorized in 25 percentile bins basis employability in Software Engineer – IT Services role

The study on employability across states has shown the maximum variation as compared to last year’s report. Punjab has fallen to the 2nd Quartile (75 to 50 percentile bin) and Uttarakhand to 3rd Quartile (50 to 25 percentile bin) from their position in the top 25 percentile last year.

While Bihar + Jharkhand and Delhi have managed to retain their positions; Kerala and Orissa are the new entrants in the Top 25 percentile bin.

Karnataka and Haryana have shifted from the 3rd quartile to the 2nd Quartile (75 to 50 percentile), Maharashtra has moved two quartile down to the 4th quartile and Tamil Nadu continues to lurk in the bottom 25 percentile bin.

Employability by Tier of City:


Figure 2: Employability Percentage across Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities

The trend of a significant drop in employability in all roles from Tier 1 to Tier 2 cities and similarly from Tier 2 to Tier 3 cities continues to exist. Employability in Tier 1 city colleges has marginally increased in all roles except Sales Engineer and employability in different roles apart from IT Product is quite similar in absolute terms across cities. This clearly implies that unlike popular notion, Tier 3 cities too produce a share of employable engineers and should not be neglected from a recruitment perspective. These candidates could also possibly fill the entry-level hiring needs of several IT Services companies.

Employability by Metros:



Figure 3: Employability Percentage in different Metro cities

Delhi records the highest employability, followed by Bengaluru and Mumbai+Pune in the study on employability across different metro cities. The Southern cities show no improvement and continue to have the lowest employability figures.

The variation in employability across reports very high within the same industry. The IT product employability in Delhi is as high as 11% and as low as 0.94% in Chennai. The employability in this role in Chennai has dropped lower than 1% as compared to last year.


Employability by Gender:

The study of employability by gender reveals a healthy trend of employability being almost equal amongst males and females. This makes each role devoid of any gender-bias. Roles like Sales Engineer Non IT, Associate ITeS/BPO and Content Developer report slightly higher employability of females.




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