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EshopBox : A Solution For Marketplace Integration And Managing An Exclusive Store


With millions of green dollars pumped into the Indian ecommerce sector, the country has become the fastest growing ecommerce space in the world. The business communities write and have written panoply of stories and dossiers about how the big marketplaces such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, et al have set standards and are connecting sellers with consumers effectively.

Fashion brands and labels have their products set up on multiple channels such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and others. Through this, they can expect massive visitors and exposure to their products online, this helps to sell more. With drop-ship capabilities, these marketplaces help ease logistics for medium and small time brands/labels. However, there are challenges to manage selling on those platforms, such as managing multi channel sales through analytics.

What these fashion houses, brands, labels need is a single technology platform where they can manage all their multi-channel sales. This saves a lot of resources, and allow these brands to concentrate on what they do best.

Multi-channel selling is an effective way of selling. However, through such marketplaces, the fashion brands cannot deliver an exclusive and a personal shopping experience. You see, thousands of products gets mixed and muddled up on big ecommerce sites, failing to establish brand images. For this, fashion brands can and should set up an exclusive online platform , where they can control 1) the layout and the product presentation, allowing for a better shopping experience. 2) Engage their customers effectively to enable loyalty. These are just a couple of points out of many, a brand can achieve through its own platform. EshopBox helps brands in all aspects of maintaining and running a separate ecommerce framework and integrate existing multi-channel marketplaces.

EshopBox, as the name suggests, delivers end-to-end ecommerce solutions to fashion brands and labels, both big and small.

• Setting up a an efficient infrastructure for an exclusive website
• Inventory, packaging, and delivery management. Including pick-up and delivery set up
• Product cataloging, such as product photography and buying terms and conditions
• Loyalty programs and advertisement, offline, CPC, CPM, and banner ads management
• Customer interaction and engagement through Live chat and social media
• Multi-channel integration. All numbers and analytics under one roof. Even the brand’s website

If you are a fashion label and want to establish your own store on the web, EshopBox can set it up, manage it, market it, analyse it, drive traffic to it, and more. Mayur Karwa, an IIT Bombay alumnus, started EshopBox precisely for reasons that managing an ecommerce platform for fashion brands is 1) extremely challenging and requires a lot of attention, and 2) Fashion labels should concentrate on what they do best, create and innovate desirable fashion products for people to buy.

Mayur believes, and has experienced that these labels and brands tend to lose interest in developing their products and product range because, they end up spending a lot of their resources on ecommerce. At EshopBox, they need not worry about it. EshopBox boasts the best tech experts who build intuitive platforms to match the needs of the brand, they manage setting up the entire product range, and through effective analysis and SEO strategies, drive people to the brand’s site, and also integrate all multi-channel marketplaces. In Eshopbox, fashion brands will find a holistic approach to market and sell their creations on the web through a proven, scientific method.

EshopBox boasts of 1 Lac items in stock from 22 brands and over 2000 different styles. They already have 48 clients from the Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Ludhiana, and Banaras regions who will go live in the next fashion season. Below are the services and solutions EshopBox offers to help brands and labels build and succeed.


(This article is contributed by Mayur Karwa, CTO, EShopBox.)



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