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Everything you need to know about Cure.Fit is a fitness and health company that focuses on offering offline and digital experiences regarding fitness, mental well-being, and nutrition. The company runs gyms as well as medicine verticals, activewear, and expertise in nutrition. This Bangalore-based company is co-founded by Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal who was the CEO of the well-known Indian retail startup Myntra and was established in the year 2016. as of now has 6 acquisitions and a total funding amount of $404.6M. The company has over 35 centers and 180 centers. took its objective of health online when pandemic struck down the business policies of many companies across the globe. The team at foresightedly had already taken the objective of health online and they only fortified it when the pandemic broke out and did it almost overnight. They had originally planned to launch the application in the year 2021 but fast-forwarded the procedure. They launched the freemium model at the beginning of the lockdown.

Cure.Fit trainers on the app

The co-founder of Ankit Nagoria believes that the most fundamental part of setting up this business was the identification of the right locations for the center and having on board the right set of personnel like trainers and managers. has integrated tracking technologies like Fitbit, sleep monitoring, and Google fit in its application. also inculcates, from CureFoods, which sells healthy food on the app. CureFoods operates 12-13 kitchens in Coimbatore and Bengaluru. The focus of the company is on improving the quality of food products, introducing automation in the kitchens, and lowering logistics costs. CULTSPORT is a brand under the deal with the selling of sports-related accessories, footwear, and clothes. recently crossed the horizon to enter the international market. They opened their first studio in Dubai. The company has the vision to expand its services in regions of Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe.

How came into being

Mukesh Bansal, the former CEO of Myntra, and Ankit Nagoria, Former Chief business officer of Flipkart came together to deliver this new innovative startup out of their shared love for fitness. They saw that this industry had immense potential and decided on building a wellness and healthcare platform that is technology powered. was the first of its kind and it was only natural that the founders would have their fair share of struggles. They had to carefully approach this idea by taking meticulous steps and well analyzing the audience of this venture. The biggest obstacle was to convince the investors into investing in a one of a kind business. The biggest problem was faced in setting up as it required a close-knot and reliable network of services with customers availing the service daily in the number of hundreds. They had to depend on and partner up with small firms to bring into being.

The business model of the company is centered around manifesting a connected world where the customers can easily avail and move through a chain of a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating, mental health, and working out and all of these are available in one place. It is like a whole ecosystem runs through the Cure.Fit app.’s role in getting India Healthy

One thing that did and which appealed the most to the audience was reducing the complexity associated with fitness and health. It gained its popularity in India and during the time of the pandemic with their freemium service, it became a cult favorite. It simplified the concept of well-being and health in a fun way while reaching the ultimate objective of providing the top in class health services.

Cure Fitness’s goal claims that its objective is to keep people fit and healthy by providing a range of packages that includes yoga and fitness, primary care, mental wellbeing, and healthy meals. The most impressive thing about the cult is its effort to provide the best to consumers. They provide services from renowned personalities like Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Nora Fatehi, Milind Soman, etc. which lures in a lot of customers to their application. During the beginning of lockdown, they organized many activities like free dance workshops, yoga workshops, etc. that set them apart from other applications in the same genre.

Different membership packs provided by

  • Buddy Pack: This pack allows you to sign up along with your friend. Each membership under this pack is unique and the classes can be booked separately as well.
  • Monthly subscription: (Available only in India) This membership gives you the benefit to avail unlimited classes anytime at any of the or center with a certain amount of added benefits.
  • Cult Select Pack: (Available only in India) This membership is only available for a few selected centers. This pack does not give the consumer access to Cult Outdoor centers and
  • Unlimited packs: An individual can book as many classes as they want at any center in a particular city. Only 4 classes can be pre-booked at a particular time.

Live personal trainers and the membership packs for availing this facility

Live personal trainer is a service that provides which you can avail yourself both offline and online. The packs are as mentioned below:

  • Pack of 10: This pack gives you access to book 5 sessions within a duration of 45 days. The time slot can be chosen by you according to your convenience and each session lasts 60 minutes. The trainers are experts and extremely skilled in their field and will help you in achieving your goal in the fitness journey.
  • Pack of 5: This pack gives you access to book 5 sessions within a duration of 25 days. The time slot can be chosen by you according to your convenience and each session lasts 60 minutes. The trainers are experts and extremely skilled in their field and will help you in achieving your goal in the fitness journey.

Availability and accessibility of the packages provided

The packages and classes are very beginner-friendly and there are specially designed sessions for beginners if someone is availing of the services on the online platform. There are sessions designed for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts that typically range from 10 to 40 minutes.  There are also goal-oriented sessions available like getting lean, building mobility and strength, burning belly fat, etc.

How to book a cult fitness class

The booking of a class is not a tedious task. It can easily be booked via the application or website:

Follow the steps given below to book a class.

From the app:

  1. Log into the website or app depending on which platform you are using to book the classes
  2. Top on Book cult class which is available on the Home tab.
  3. Pick the center of your choice and convenience
  4. Choose a convenient date.
  5. Choose the time slot and format that you prefer.


From the website:

  1. Go to the cult website
  2. Book a class
  3. Choose a center according to your convenience
  4. Choose a convenient date.
  5. Choose the time slot and format that you prefer.

Concept of Cult moments and what exactly are they? tries to build a healthy community of people who have a goal of fitness and health. After completing your fitness profile, you can display your progress on it. Other members can see your progress after you have made your profile public and you can see other’s progress too. When you attend any class, the profiles of other members that are attending the same class will start to appear.

The feature of cult moments is only available on the mobile app. Users who have attended at least one class will be able to avail this option.

The difference between Cult fit centers and Cult pass gyms

The philosophy of cult is simple and straightforward – make fitness easy and fun with the assistance of the best group workouts and trainers.

Cult Pass gyms are gyms equipped with top-quality equipment that offer a huge variety of services. center offers group workouts whose main focus is the overall development of an individual and this is how the two differ from each other. blogs has a separate forum for blogs where the topics range from physical fitness to healthy diet including everything related to fitness and health in between. The articles in the blog are very well researched and written in an easy to understand language.

Public Review has a rating of 4.4 on the Google play store with most of the reviews being positive. Small glitches while the payment is observed but that is something any online website and application faces at times. The personal trainer and well-curated focused exercises are most appealing to the users. The live sessions offered by well-known personalities also amasses a lot of public to the website and application. People find the packs offered by flexible. It is safe to say that has changed the health and fitness in the Indian market with their one-off kind unique ideas and services.