Everything You Need to Know About Travala.com

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking the bitcoin counterpart of Booking.com.

Travala.com, founded in 2017, is the world’s top blockchain-based travel booking platform, with thousands of clients worldwide trusting it as their favorite online travel agency. The platform presently offers over 2,200,000 properties in 90,124 destinations throughout 230 countries and territories, with costs up to 40% lower than traditional travel booking platforms.

What exactly is Travala?

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Travala is a frictionless travel booking experience powered by next-generation blockchain technology and tokenized incentives. They offer a variety of cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods, as well as incentives related to their own cryptocurrency AVA.

Travala, like Booking.com, gathers travel site options for people wishing to book flights, hotels, and other lodgings. They can provide unique rates and will even refund the difference if you find a lower deal on another website after booking.

Travala.com, which was founded in 2017 and is currently backed by industry giant Binance, is the top cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service, with over 2,200,000 properties, 400,000 activities in 230 countries, and 600 airlines worldwide. Travala.com is a cryptocurrency adoption champion, accepting over 50 top cryptocurrencies as well as traditional payment methods. Travala.com’s value proposition is enhanced by AVA, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Among other things, the AVA token can be used to make payments, receive loyalty points, and obtain discounts and bonuses. Smart customers on Travala.com can receive additional savings and loyalty incentives for eligible bookings made on the platform, in addition to exceptional prices via its Best Price Guarantee.

What Are Travala’s Best Features?

The ability to pay with a variety of traditional and cryptocurrency payment methods, the wide selection of accommodation options bolstered by their partnership with Expedia that allows access to all of Expedia’s booking options, easy access via their website or mobile app, and the incentives provided to those who hold their AVA crypto token is Travala’s best features.

Travala’s founders

Travala was founded in Australia by Steve Hipwell, Matt Luczynski, and Juan Otero.

Hipwell is Travala’s chief operational officer, and Otero will succeed Luczynski as CEO in the summer of 2021.

Otero has over 15 years of expertise in establishing and directing start-ups. Prior to creating Travala, Otero developed restaurantes.com, a European online restaurant reservation service. He has also served as an innovation adviser to the European Commission and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Hipwell has worked with travel companies for almost a decade. He was the marketing director for Viland Travel and Oasis Bay Cruises before joining Travala.com.

Luczynski earned a bachelor’s degree in international business from Leeds University Business School in the United Kingdom. After graduating in 2018, he was accepted into the UK-China accelerated entrepreneurship program. He co-founded another company, HoDooi.com, an NFT marketplace, after co-founding Travala.com.

When compared to the crypto sector as a whole, the coin has underperformed.

This could be related, in part, to the blow, the travel industry took as a result of the uncertainty around Covid-19. With fresh fears as a result of the Omicron variety, a return to pre-pandemic tourism levels may take some time. This, in turn, may have an impact on investors’ confidence in Travala’s product.

What is the Travala coin used for?

Customers can use Travala.com’s AVA currency to obtain access to the customer loyalty program and take advantage of normal booking givebacks, best price guarantees, and referral programs.

AVA coin can also be used to make payments on the site and as a store of value. Customers can get refunds in AVA.

There is a total supply of 61.4 million AVA coins and a current circulating supply of 51.8 million coins.

How Do Travala and AVA Tokens Work?

The Travala team intends to build their project around the concept of the user’s journey, beginning with trip planning and organization and concluding with the acquisition of AVA tokens:

The voyage begins with a visit to the Travala.com website, which serves as a clearinghouse for information on available travel arrangements and includes comprehensive search options. First-time users will be prompted to register, with the added benefit of obtaining AVA tokens as a reward for joining the network. If a user’s AVA funds are running low, they will be reminded to buy or deposit new tokens.

Users can begin the real booking process by providing the required information and deciding how to make payments, which can include fiat currencies, AVA tokens, or other cryptos. This is largely dependent on one’s desire for promotional prices and the most appealing discount deals, which are only available for AVA payments. In this situation, AVA tokens can be used to pay for the complete booking arrangement or a portion of it.
After they leave, their Travala-based personal dashboard will be utilized to manage all booked arrangements.

There is also a list of Travala’s key partners who accept AVA tokens as payment for improvements and additional services while traveling, with the chance to get access to higher incentives in the end.

After completing their tour, customers are given the opportunity to leave feedback on their experience. These reviews must be cryptographically confirmed as genuine before they can be considered eligible for AVA token prizes. Tokens are also granted for client referrals, which do not have to be limited to the Travala platform, but rather to the hotel where the traveler previously stayed.

Furthermore, users are encouraged to improve their platform-based reputation, as those with high enough ratings are eligible to acquire AVA tokens. Reputation is gained by being voted for by other users who find the offered content and feedback beneficial.

Is Travala simple to use?

Travala is incredibly simple to use; the platform is similar to any other booking site in that you simply enter your dates and places to generate results that match your criteria. For even easier access to their services, they have a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Is Travala a free service?
Yes, Travala is a free site for booking hotels, flights, and other accommodations.

You can, of course, purchase Travala’s AVA token to receive discounts on your trips. Travala’s own cryptocurrency, the AVA token, is used to incentivize holders by providing discounts through their Smart Program.

The discount amount is determined by the quantity of AVA in your wallet and works in a tiered structure beginning with a minimum of 250 AVA (currently, AVA is worth more than $5 USD per piece, so you would need to invest at least $1250 to earn your discount at this moment). This fairly hefty initial investment is mitigated in part with a minimum APY of 8.04 percent on your holding AVA.

In reality, the Smart Program is reserved for regular travelers who are also cryptocurrency lovers.

Recent News

Travala.com, a global travel operator, is now taking Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network via OpenNode.

OpenNode, a Bitcoin payment industry pioneer, announced today that Travala.com, a global travel firm, is now taking Bitcoin payments on the Lightning Network via OpenNode. Travala.com offers over 3 million travel products all around the world, which you can now pay for via Bitcoin Lightning Network payments.

Travala.com CEO Juan Otero stated, “The Lightning Network represents a big and much-needed step forward in the global acceptance of cryptocurrency. We’re always looking for new methods to bridge the gap between blockchain and travel at Travala.com, so collaborating with OpenNode to enable Bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network was a natural fit for us as we continue to innovate for the future of travel.”

Ryan Flowers, OpenNode’s Head of Marketing, stated, “Working with Travala.com is exciting because it allows us to demonstrate how Bitcoin can be used as a means of exchange and enhance payments for the whole travel sector. The travel industry suffers from the drawbacks of traditional currencies, such as chargeback fraud, slow settlement periods, and expensive processing fees, and we can alleviate all of these difficulties with Bitcoin payments over the Lightning network.”

What are the benefits of Travala.com?

Differentiates itself from the competition by aiming to be the most recent travel service based on blockchain technologies.
There are no hidden fees, which supports Travala’s claim to serve its consumers with a straightforward fee structure.
A basic and unambiguous blueprint from which the project’s authors do not depart.
There is a large range of native token use cases, which eliminates any uncertainties regarding its necessity.
Save up to 40% on accommodations all over the world.
There is an option to pay using cryptocurrency without incurring a premium.
You can cash out at any moment using a Crypto-Powered travel reward program.

What is Travala attempting to accomplish?

The Travala project was initially created with the goal of correcting some of the perceived flaws of existing internationally available travel platforms, such as:

Travala aspires to make cryptocurrency payments a commonplace alternative in the travel sector. In the case of Expedia, a worldwide travel booking company, dropping support for Bitcoin in mid-2018 was one of the reasons for the development of Travala. Following this, Travala was probably fashioned as a crypto version of Expedia, with equal support for both fiat and cryptocurrency payments, instant confirmations, assured booking, and the absence of booking fees. Travala’s long-term goal is to become a cryptocurrency-first, fiat-second travel platform.

Travala touts itself as a less expensive travel choice, with no hidden fees and less transparent processes. To begin, Travala users should have access to a variety of exclusive hotel discounts, with savings of up to 40% in all of the properties included in Travala’s offer. This derives from Travala’s vow to refrain from putting commercial pressure on hotels and travel services to maximize income per rented space while attempting to cut costs at the expense of guests. Travala claims to combat the excessive commission fees that are sometimes advertised by online travel firms, forcing clients to pay for largely “unseen” charges.

Based on this, Travala claims to be at least 15% less expensive on average than competitors such as Expedia and Booking.com. Furthermore, Travala promises that it has no hidden costs, such as those found on Airbnb, bolstering its claim to provide a straightforward fee structure to its consumers.
The introduction of the AVA token should make the Travala ecosystem more appealing to users who are on the fence about using cryptocurrencies in the travel and tourism industries. Travala will offer membership in its loyalty and discount systems to consumers who choose the AVA token.

Based on the incentive tiers for token staking and referrals, these are meant to offer them an extra 10% in AVA token savings. Furthermore, AVA tokens are accepted as payment for all refunds on the Travala platform, regardless of the currency used for the initial payment. Finally, AVA tokens are utilized to pay the fuel costs incurred by partnership platforms anytime they use Travala’s infrastructure to benefit their travel packages.

This week has seen an increase in traffic to Travala.com.

Travala.com’s stock has grown 11.62 percent in the last 7 days. In the last 24 hours, the price has risen by 3.97 percent. The price has dropped by 0.51 percent in the last hour. The current AVA price is 86.510515. Travala.com is 82.20 percent of the way down from its all-time high of 486.01. 50,583,537.23 AVA is the current circulating supply.