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Exploring learning beyond books with ThinkerPlace

Kids nowadays spend more time on their smartphones than on their books. With the ever-changing technological advancements, the traditional education system remains the same even in the 21st century. It has become crucial that children start applying what they learn in their classrooms.

What is ThinkerPlace?

We, at ThinkerPlace, aim to train young minds with Educational DIY Toys based on the S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) methodology and principles. We aim to encourage young children towards innovation and make them future-ready for the technologically-driven world. ThinkerPlace is an Ed-Tech startup that was established in 2019 under the prestigious Lexicon Group of Institutes. ThinkerPlace is focusing on bringing a monumental change in the learning process for children and is successfully recognized as India’s Only Company that is training children to think, create and implement. Our toys are developed to train kids in skills that will be extremely significant in the future. We focus on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Our DIY toys focus on inculcating futuristic skills like coding, automation, robotics, and more in kids.

Why is STEM education important for young kids?

STEM Education is essential for kids today. According to research conducted by American Affairs, employment in STEM education has grown by 80% since 1990. A study was conducted by Dell that shows that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 which has not been even invented yet will be STEM jobs.

STEM learning trains budding minds to think critically, be resilient to rejection, and keep trying until they succeed. It instills the skill of finding solutions in kids and never letting failure consume them. Our DIY toys focus on inculcating futuristic skills like coding, automation, robotics, and more in kids.

ThinkerPlace is the brainchild of Deepti Sharma and Saurabh Tiwari which is driven by a single goal – learning beyond books.

Mrs. Deepti Sharma, Director of ThinkerPlace and the Director of Lexicon Kids has over 22+ years of experience across Ed-Tech, Child Learning & Development. She identified that there is a huge gap in the Indian Education System where children only focus on textbook knowledge. She witnessed how kids face a massive challenge while learning difficult subjects like science and mathematics. That is when she came up with the idea of ThinkerPlace.

Mr. Saurabh Tiwari, the proud owner of over 9+ patents in India has been an active member in the field of science and research for more than a decade now. He started developing toys that aimed on training kids in high-tech skills like robotics, automation, coding and more. He collaborated with Mrs. Deepti Sharma to develop innovative STEM DIY Toys for kids. 

ThinkerPlace enlightening young minds through STEM Education 

We work on simplifying difficult concepts for children by using our specially designed DIY toys. With these toys, children can learn S.T.E.M-based concepts by themselves without the help of a teacher or a guardian. These toys train their minds and also make them independent at a very young age. With the learning management system, kids can learn to assemble the toys easily with instructional manuals and videos. Each DIY toy of ThinkerPlace has a detailed manual in the LMS (learning management system) for the convenience of the children. Toys aren’t just for play anymore, kids can now learn tough STEM concepts in a fun way.

Recently, the Education Ministry of India announced major changes in its infrastructure and curriculum under the National Education Policy of 2020. It is necessary for schools and educational institutes to have a learning system that is more goal-oriented and practical. This will nurture the children towards concept building and practical thinking. ThinkerPlace has been successful in implementing the same in several schools across the country. 

We have collaborated with numerous schools abroad in Nigeria, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Maldives, and Australia and trained children to become future scientists and innovators.

STEM Innovation Labs

We have collaborated with popular schools like The Lexicon Group of Institutes, Achievers Active High School, and more to set up STEM Innovation Labs that include revolutionary concepts like 3D printing, automation, robotics, drones, and much more. Schools receive customized curricula dedicated to each standard that the STEM lab is provided. ThinkerPlace trains the teachers under the ‘train the trainer’ program for teachers to get accustomed to the concepts of STEM and explain them further to the students. The STEM Innovation Labs setup also includes specially designed STEM Kits that are given to the students for practically applying the concepts they have learned in class and exploring more. The labs also consist of online tech support, one-to-one guidance to budding innovators, and lab maintenance.

Subscription DIY Kits

We have specially designed subscription kits for different age groups that focus on practical training of kids for various STEM subjects. We have 3 variants of subscription kits – 6- to 8 years, 8 to 10 years, and 10 to 12 years. Each subscription kit includes 6 DIY kits that train the children in a variety of futuristic and technical skills that are essential in today’s fast-paced world.

Future Ahead

There are many such exciting DIY STEM toys and kits that give kids a chance to experiment and learn the various concepts of science, maths, technology, and engineering. We have a diverse range of new products lined up for our customers and we are also focusing on expanding our user base internationally.

ThinkerPlace also hosts several workshops for students across the country to get them oriented with our specially designed STEM-based DIY Kits and train them how learning challenging subjects can be fun. These workshops offer students a chance to tap into their hidden potential and explore how brilliant their minds are. The workshops also have fun-filled activities like games and quizzes that test the practical skills of children, enhance their logical and analytical thought processes, get creative, and much more.

With the rapid digital advancements and new scientific developments, we are constantly evolving to do better and develop products that enhance the cognitive, logical, analytical, and problem-solving kids. 

Now you can train your kids for the future with our exciting range of DIY STEM Kits and Toys that are affordable and offers holistic and practical learning to bright minds.



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