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Facebook Launches Privacy and Data Use Business Hub

One of the largest social media channel Facebook has now revealed that the launch of its Privacy and Data Use Business Hub, a service that provides the companies the resource needed to understand that how they can protect private user information.

Facebook has also marked the 2019 Privacy Day by reminding the users to take a “Privacy Checkup” that should help them to ensure that they don’t unknowingly expose their data and profile.

The giant media has also revealed its Privacy and Data Use Business Hub, which even centralizes information on the privacy policies, terms and principles, trust, transparency, and regulatory information. The goal is to help the businesses understand how Facebook advertising system works, how they can protect information at the time of using the social media and implications and requirement of data regulation such as the EU and GDPR.

The company has also paid some of the significant amounts of money via its bug bounty program. It has been suspended many applications over data security concerns, closed down pages which are involved in influence operations, and even announced the new measures to protect privacy.

“This year we’ll do more to explain how Facebook uses people’s data and provide people with more transparency and control,” said Erin Egan, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer.

Picture Credits: Facebook



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