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Facebook Tips for New Businesses

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A business will thrive as long as the person behind it is willing to continue to work and learn from his or her mistakes. Staying motivated is difficult, especially when talking about long-term work. However, things never stay the same and this makes it easier to continue with the venture. For instance, you could take the initiative yourself and try to focus your resources elsewhere, exploring what else is there. Facebook could be the next destination, especially for smaller businesses which have just started out. 


Starting the list, it is worth mentioning that every post matters. Especially if you are looking to make the most out of a small or non-existent budget. Consider which of your posts will be boosted in the future, or once you have some funds for boosting, consider changing your post style.


Your followers will catch on if you are recycling the same thing, only using different words. Therefore, it is important to mix things up and include more than just text messages. Pictures with motivational quotes, videos, and everything else you can think of brings variety which is crucial to keep things fresh and interesting.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories

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Continuing with the point about variety, facebook stories have been recently introduced and according to Oberlo, they are here to stay. Besides the variety part, it provides a way to post a quick update. Also, stories disappear after 24 hours, which helps with preventing your feed from a flood.


Despite the fact that it might seem like a trivial matter, every business should put as much effort as they can into optimizing their profile. Start with the profile picture and the cover. After you have that covered, fill the information on the business page. 

Create a Group

Create a group

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Facebook groups have one big advantage over a page. It becomes much easier to communicate for your audience. Discussions under a post can get a bit clunky. Users can also share content themselves and see what the reactions of others are. Having an active hub for those with the same interest means that you can expect to see natural growth. It spurs your business even further.

Organize Giveaways

You have probably seen various contests on Facebook when a page asks to like, share, comment, and tag another person in the comments. This is the way you can enter. But what does a page get from that? Well, the answer is quite simple. The amount of reach such a post generates is incredible. It can reach even those Facebook users which would be impossible to reach through any other means. And the more your name spreads on the platform, the better it will be for you.

Include Your Followers

A good way to connect with your fans is by including them in the activities of the page. For instance, you could ask them to write an article or take a picture, and it would be published on the page. Of course, such things are a bit trickier for certain niches, but you should get a general idea.

Time to Post

Time to post

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The time when you make a post matters quite a bit. It takes time to test things out before you can reach a conclusion, but the fact still remains. It usually comes down to demographics and when your followers are the most active. See which timeframe brings the most engagement. You can also use automation tools to schedule in advance in case you are unable to create a post at a certain hour.


Facebook has its own Insights, and they help massively when you want to find out more information about your fans. A page has to be around for some time before you can collect any meaningful data, but once it is there, you should take full advantage of that.

Learn and Grow

Like everything else, Facebook marketing will change in the future and you need to keep up with the trends. Otherwise, you will fall back to a point where your competition has a much better grip on the market. 

So to make a conclusion, if you are looking to get more out of your Facebook page and improve the business, following these tips will lead you in the right direction. The more of these strategies you implement into your plan, the more benefits you can expect.